The Classic Mystery Box

Path of Purple meta confirmed! Kappa

But seriously though, I love the color purple. I'm also REALLY digging that purple arc and purple lightning weapon effect. Gore raven wings look legit too.
feed my addiction!
Really nice mtx!

Really like the purple lightning weapon effect, and the two heralds.

I wasn't THOROUGHLY impressed with the contents of the last mystery box.

This box is a different story.

I want every item in this box, they all look magnificent (aside from the pets.. they look rather mundane but I won't complain if I get one).

Nice work GGG. Maybe in the future you can include some form of trade-in so that if we have duplicates we can trade then in for another mystery box.

Anyways, cheers!
I really do dislike stuff like this. I want one item out of these boxes but I know I will have to buy 50+ to get it. Sorry but pass.
Nice guys now theres only one issue...

Im out of points and im also out of supporter packs i can buy. LOL
Is there any ETA on the next supporter packs?
Guess i could throw a $20 here and there till the packs come out in the meantime.

But i prefer to buy my points in bulk as well. Is there any plans to possibly buy points in more bulk quantities as well at some point? Say 1K points and anything above 1K points you get 50 free.
So 2K points would be 100 and so on. Something like the packs give where you get bonus points the more you buy.

Just a suggestion so i dont have to run so many transactions if i'm wanting more points. The bonus isnt even nessisary either. Thanks. \m/

Enja_N wrote:
Bex_GGG wrote:
Enja_N wrote:

Oh yay awesome! Any chance of of a little tlc on the previous Herald MTX to have it cover all three too?

The Gloom Herald already does this but I believe the Ghostflame Herald of Ash effect was designed specifically for the fire effect.

The Gloom Herald only covers one of the three currently still. The Ghostflame Herald of Ash is understandable only for that one Herald.

What she means is the Gloom Herald does work on all 3 heralds but you must buy multiples if you wish to run them on multiple heralds at the same time. Thus why i ended up buying 3.
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Have you fired your game designer? Who will buy all photoshop repaints for real money?
Seems really neat.....
Buuuut i'd rather just wait for a fedora

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