The Classic Mystery Box

My first 2 boxes were..meh I got the crown, purple herald and divine crown, I decided eh why not try again, next 2 boxes were bleached demon king armour and the divine skull, [ epic skull btw ] had points left over for 3 boxes, ended up getting 2 blood rain's and a crystal.. wish I could gift away a duplicate, or sell it back for 10% of value or something.
Meh ......... I had the points and I really wanted the White Wolf Pet but here are my results ... I am done with them I got my White Wolf. As tempted as I am about completing the Purple Necrotic Body Armor The odds are just not in my favor. Spending that many points was not in the plan but I was stupidly determined.

One thing I noticed was that the same duplicates came in spurts. This was done in about 5 sessions. All duplicates came in the same "session" except the Crystals and Twisted Bone Horns. What I mean is the x4 Bleached Demon King Horns came in one session and not spread out. I wish I would have documented each pull in succession.

Note: GGG must have been in my head, because if I would have gotten the White Wolf on the first pull, I would have stopped there. Ultimately though and not thinking about the money, I am happy with my results. I pulled 24% rare, 45% Uncommon, and 31% Common. The Total value of all pulls is 6795. So each box averaged out to 117.16 points. That is 87.16 points after the cost is deducted. I am pleasantly surprised that I only got 3 of the lowest value items. But not surprised as the amount of items in the lowest tier despite the stated chance %.

I needed a new tee-shirt anyway :P

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Thanks for this summary.
I am not gonna buy RNG boxes.
No money for you GGG unless you put these items in shop
I spent $200 didn't get a fuking Divine Skull,got lot same shit....

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