How is ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

Dipped lvl 80 today. Managed to kill Atziri on my first try, man that was a hard fight! Highest lvl map I have atm is tier 5. Love the stones and what they can do, all I want now is a 5-link cause higher level maps ain't fun with mediocre damage.

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I got bored of warchief totems like in cruel
respecced to ice crash, that was pretty decent until end of a3/a4 merciless, and now Im kinda slogging along like meh on my berserker. breaches often tend to overwhelm me.

a 5link would be nice, but I think ice crash is not in the future of this toon.

dropped this in dried lake farm, considering switching again since Ive never played dreamfeather, and not being a pathfinder doesnt quite make it opieop

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started the league yesterday evenning, made it to act4 normal with my pizzastick templar levelling with flame totem.

imho ssf is the logical mode if you miss the first days of a league to make currency and the outlook is 3 to 4 hours per day playtime.

no unique items or reliquaries to show, no high level currency except 2c, 4 alchs, 1 gcp, welcome to the usual grind ;)

gear (nothing to see here)
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SSF rules. Game got way too easy since I came here (1.0). SSF kinda give the old feel back. Think I'll stay here until they make a difficulty setting. You know like brutal or some shit where whites can kill you and they move and attack 200% faster.
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I'm leveling the classical sword & board duelist, in fact any weapon.

Still in A4 normal, best drop was
in a corrupting tempest so far.

Leaguestones are great, and leveling goes smooth so far - but I was playing 98% selffound before, too, so I know the feeling. And I never traded for leveling stuff, only a few endgame uniques / gems.

Weapon specializing comes in endgame when I will be able to craft a weapon - or get a lucky drop.

Using Ice crash / blade flurry in parallel - just depends on what's the best weapon at the moment.
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ZINIAO wrote:
Doing ok but my build is too darn weak to support my shitty gear. Made it to level 68 and started a jungle valley map but abandoned it after two deaths.

Try something that is as little depending on gear as possible. Myself and supprisingly a lot of my friends decided to roll gladiators this league. Mainly because most of their defences come from passive tree.

Yup, right along the lines of where I was thinking. Seems like usually I can at least get resistance capped by the time I get to maps but this time I'm way far from it. Even with purity of elements, lol. Grabbing some resist nodes on the tree as well as using a shield ought to get me in a lot better shape.

This is going to be my new best friend...
The deaths started around lvl 30, because my gear is garbage. No different than regular play. New League. Same shitty RNG.
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I'm doing a run-of-the-mill flameblast totem templar. It doesn't have to be that boring. I drop a totem, drop a orb (of storm) that curses on hit, run a lightning golem, and cast firestorm. So I've got a lot of things going on at once. Got my gear linked up just how I want it too.

And the white guys says, I'll have a Coke then.
Got my first threshold jewel... Ice Shot. Planning my next build. Would be sweet if I could find a matching one.
Doing fine so far. Better than fine, even. Maxblock Icecrash Inquisitor, just started Cruel. I don't get how people can complain about gearing while leveling, it was never easier than in this league.

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