How is ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

Nothing special, just some leveling uniques:

while going through the acts with my arc-witch (thanks to Enkii for his Guide).
Maybe smthg more notable:

And still no clue what to use this for:
Trade leagues 're just boring BTW.
No offense, only a very good song (Aerosmith).
Managed to get quite a nice Whispering ice character SSF Delve :

Smashing pretty much everything now, Deathless shaper without troubles ...

But not enough dps (maybe I'm not good enough too, but dps seems insufficient) for Uber Elder unfortunately .... FML.
Old relic-builds :
SweetBreaker : thread 823111 ( facebreaker infernal blow witch ).
Sunder guardian (poisoninGaijin) : thread 1831267 [BHC] !rip
First time found this Flask:

I like it.

Delve should supposed to be an alternative to mapping!
I'm done with this league, but the last noteworthy things I got were:

Gotta make sure you craft some of these before the new patch ^^
Completed 24 Challengesgolan4840 wrote:

Gotta make sure you craft some of these before the new patch ^^

And divine those Inpulsa to 10%. Oh and don't forget to trade in your Chinsol cards. ;)
Today's first time drops in ssf!

Also did some hastily shaper crafting, but I lack good bases

When night falls
She cloaks the world
In impenetrable darkness
Mastermind down. :D

Awesome fight i really enjoyed it. :D

Really like the neck, weapon is better than it looks for my build. Not using arc totems until i do uber lab (1 trial left), just lvling

Better than anticipated. I usually never get anything good on my starter char.

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