How is ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

Well this is something new; my RNG bugged out.

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Kind of wonky. Playing up a Lancing Steel Champion, heavy on the leach. Starting out maps... have run maybe 10. Does pretty well, for someone in his mid 70s. Should flush out nicely once I get some decent gear. His sword has potential... but nothing really "great" about it:

I have had exactly three areas containing sulfite since Act IV. Honestly, I thought it was broken by something I didn't do right. But it's just shit for luck.

Have to get these grades done, so I'm a bit behind the curve playtime-wise.
Well, it goes like it goes really. Hopefully better then it was going in Delve.
And also hoping to get higher then Lvl 80 this time. And also actually taking out Act 10 Boss Kitava too.
Did my first Temple of the league... not bad. Traded the potion drop from the rumba for the sword.
Destroying all content with Winter Orb. Took down Shaper and Uber Atziri yesterday and now looking to take down Uber Elder for the first time. Still have some crafting to improve gear and still looking for Tul's amulet.

Nothing great from Watcher's eye yet. Maybe the next time?

Tough choice on which gloves to use though. The sustain and charges on Malachai's Mark is great for mapping. Maybe switch to poison gloves for Elder?

Drops from Pure Breachstones are damn good. Lucky I had some stones to enchant when it came up. Already ran Tul's.

Got a better sword... but still lack the orbs to do anything with it. It will get me to T10 mapping though. Orbs will come in time.
Been playing in Standard. Not much, but getting used to the mechanics I skipped.

Gave up the bow dream, couldn't 6L anything after so many fuses, but got lucky and rolled to Ngamahu.
1K Pretzel Eating Team.

Fake Temp League Elitists LUL

Seems a MEH wand, but the cold dmg procs the hypothermia gem together with beacon of ruin ascendancy.
And the spell dmg is not half that bad!
29cast speed is also damn good.

To me this is a 9mirror wand while others probably vendor 10's a day comparables.

1.2M dps with this one, up to 1.8M with full buffs, flasks, ...
Vorici can shove his fuse up his [removed]
This is a first for me:

Tabula Rasa's brother^^

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