How is ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

kindda late to the ssf wagon but few days ago I finished farming garden for 6L bow (toxic rain build) and chanced it successfully around 100-ish times. at lv93 currently.

Got myself drop last night:

Playing POE since 0.9.0
Found the shield at level 45-ish - Hard to find a replacement.
The rest I am happy with.

~ Down with the Bloody Red Queen

But still using Abysus.
today has been quite glorious, found nice upgrades for my ice shot mapper.

the tombfist dropped (first pair ever, and then with 2 sockets as well).
Still had to corrupt them because I was playing w/o a curse, pretty lucky it didnt brick.

Few hours later I got my first shaper ring, took me a lot of currency but in the end I managed to roll that with alts, the sidestats are insanely lucky as well! DEEEEEPS

I know where my next 2 exalts are gonna be slammed into as well ^^
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I vaaled and ripped so much this league, but now I'm going for my first lvl 90 HC (SSF btw) Char and it works a little better^^
Doing a last minute Elemental hit Scion,trouble is not sure what ascendancies to go for.

Also while I am failing to 6L unique armours another (2nd) 6L drops

Currently trying to get decent quality with Resonator.

Going to bump rather than edit post since this is fresh stuff:

Boots dropped today with 2 Abyss sockets so now have boots+gloves,amazing luck with Abyss or they buffed the spawn chance?

Also this dropped:

Which does increase damage of Death Aura significantly(about 40% more dps) but at what expense specially the dual Obliteration wands.
Completed 6 Challengeskobrakhan wrote:
Completed 6 Challengeskobrakhan wrote:
Gear on my BV Elementalist:

(Nov 4, 2018)

(Nov 6, 2018) new gear, changed char on crit:

(Nov 12, 2018) Got that stupid Hrimsorrow :D

edit 20.11: Got the 6-link
"don't worry GGG, it's ok!"
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