[2.6 Legacy Build Concept: Budget Almost LL RF Trickster]

would be nice to know how u handle the fact that it turns rf off after u activate the flask
tried with lifeleech from boots, with cast while channeling scorching ray with firestorm
and even while regening life it did deactivate rf sadly
quite sad was rly looking forward to play that build

dont rly see me sustaining rf w/o rise of the phoenix
nor how i can stand above 35% life/mana in order to use the shield+

wich went from ultra cheap last league to mega expensive since nobody wastes precious esh blessing on a crappy shield when they can sell it or use it on a howa claw

oh well enjoyed it while it lasted
Did anyone try this build in action?

I consider rerolling if it actually works well.
Eh, it works well up until probably T12 maps or so, after that you really need a Shav's to grab either an RotP or Leo shield for survivability. Just watch out on maps like Canyon if you're using Esh's for chaos immunity because if you go to low mana you will die rather quickly to the chaos clouds from the rooster.
Another possibility is using Solaris Lorica for chaos immunity and running either RotP or a decent ES Leo shield, you need a tiny bit more regen and I've only tested the end-game Shavs alternative with level 20 gems, but you can sustain without the Trickster regen boost with either RotP or a decent Leo shield.

You lose ~3k ES iirc for using a Solaris, though if anyone has a 5L Solaris laying around in permanent softcore that I can either borrow or buy for a decent price I'll check what tiers can be run with that gear piece to prevent chaos damage.
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Im running a solaris atm. Still need around 100c more for shavs.

I just feel the dmg feels low at 8k es. Hope it gets better with shavs.
hey, glad that thread got some response thought its dead
anyhow i play a lil version of that


mixd bit of both and found its working quite nicely
there few things i coudl improve for sure, working on a second ring

used solaris lorica or what the chest is calld aswell at the beginning.
Never botherd with the unique vaal regalia beast fur sur

my profile is public if u guys want to see skilltree/gear

did up to t14, only shaped maps
and diddnt had any trouble

got around 11.5k es
Eh, if you feel the damage is too low at 8k ES make sure you have a Doryani's Catalyst (its a very nice damage boost, roughly 50% increased compared to without it), the damage nodes on the tree of course, and then when you have the budget get gloves with the +30% DoT essence craft.

And Yalani's build seems good, but I tried it with a guardian and just couldn't sustain it some reason, is the leveling portion good?

This build definitely works up to at least T10 Courtyard with a Solaris and decent gear, probably ~150c in league.
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