[2.6 Legacy Build Concept: Budget Almost LL RF Trickster]

Addendum: By having a startup cost of 1-2ex it is definitely affordable provided you know how to farm up currency early in the league. However if you are new and not confident in being able to earn that much early, perhaps this isn't a good starter for you.

Just been considering the potential of ES RF, and usually it's far too expensive to try as a first build thanks to the requirements for Shavronne's Wrappings (and sometimes Revelation) to protect against chaos damage. However with the introduction of Esh's Visage your chest slot is freed up and everything changes, provided you stay above low life/mana.


The unique chest The Beast Fur Shawl can now actually be used for it's originally intended purpose, for ES RF. The 30-40% increased energy shield recovery rate' mod is ONLY found on this item and on the Trickster Ascendancy (and to a lesser extent the scion equivalent). Recovery works essentially as a multiplier to your total regeneration. So a Trickster killing enemies with RF could gain up to +100% ES recovery rate, effectively doubling all sources of ES regen. Note this includes regen from sources like Consecrated ground and Stone Golem.

Fur Shawl and Esh's Visage are far cheaper alternatives to a Shav's Wrappings (let alone revelation) in fact since everything else can be rare (though Ephemeral Edge makes a nice 1-hand), those and an entire tier 2 ES gear setup will most likely only be <1-2ex in total since resists won't be particularly hard to get.

Fur Shawl grants a nice +10% Inc Area, and for those who want to add in other spells like Scorching Ray the 40% inc spell damage is also great.

The extreme regen from recovery allows us to deal with map mods that would normally disable RF builds. You can recieve enough regen to simply out regen most -max maps (even considering the lack of RotP), and provided you keep killing enemies to maintain the Shadow's 60% inc recovery you can counteract the '60% less regen' maps.

Of course because you can hit around 11-12k ES relatively easily your RF damage is far stronger than equivalent life builds.


You take 5% inc damage from the Fur Shawl and can't use RotP so you take more self degen from RF, however this is easily countered by the huge regeneration and the high ES pool protects against oneshots.

Example Tree: http://poeurl.com/4If

Since we don't use life on our gear (and Ephemeral Edge actually reduces this) we can get ~1200 life and ~12000 ES. (Disclaimer, run entire build and gear setup through Path of Building so these numbers aren't pulled outta my ass :P)

Build gives a total of 11.3% regen, Marble amulet can give 1.6% regen, lvl 20 Vitality (I know right :P) with 36% aura strength gives 2.24% regen. Total = ~15% regen. Recovery from Shawl increases that to ~22% regen at all times (2640/sec).

Lvl 20 Purity grants 5% max (36% aura effect) gives you 80% fire resist (you could spec out of some 6% ES nodes for another 1% max resist). This works out so that we only degen for ~1900 dmg/sec. Even in a -12% max you degen for ~3000/sec, which is manageable.

Maintainable Buffs: With Trickster's 60% inc Recovery you're up to ~30% ES regen while clearing (3600/sec). Lab enchant on boots, 2% regen when hit recently raises this to ~34% ES regen (4080/sec), and Stone golem grants another 210/sec (4290). For bosses where you don't need to move too much you can also use Sulphur Flasks for Consecrated ground to raise this to a grand total of ~42% ES regen, 5250/sec

Now we can consider the options given in Legacy League. Firstly there are Talismans, upgrading your Marble amulet to 2% regen. Secondly there is the option of legacy Blood Dance, granting 1% life regen per frenzy charge. This translates to +10% regen thanks to recovery, from our tree (3,+1 from bandit,+1 from Trickster). So if you really wanted to go full crazy you could actually ramp up to >50% regen/sec with buffs up at the cost of a boots slot.

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Thoughts? I love it!

Waiting to see proof of concept before i'd give a shot though.

And btw, did you see the Pantheon Teaser? I think there was something like reduced
fire damage taken in one of them.

Could be pretty busted.

Other thoughts: your example tree also has the option
of taking the "movement skills cost no mana" route
on your ascendency for reserving more mana
and free whirling blades.If you remove the "Inc. Burning Damage"
you could also go dual- or tricurse.
Thanks! I'm going to make a full build guide on how it turns out hopefully :), with vids. I did consider the movement thing, but the only thing you can give up is the frenzy charge generation and it was just too tempting :P

Regarding the pantheon system, yeah there's a god power for 5% reduced damage taken which is pretty insane with this.
This has been proven with other builds, beast fur regalia is indeed quite strong and acts as a multiplier for regen.

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you know, the boot lab enchants 2% regeneration when hit seems like it's bugged. It feels more like 10% regeneration when hit. The regeneration numbers go higher than it should. Perhaps its a multiplier.
Quite a nice idea.. reserved and will be monitoring this build throughout the league!
I'm just curious, is that possible to run RF build without Rise of the Phoenix ?
edit. Yeah, I just read your post carefully again. But there's another question, is this build viable as league starter ?
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I don't think this is a good league starter. It is heavy on gem levels and pasive tree points. It is a nice concept to spec into after week in league or so. I wonder what to do till the point when you can afford to have all gear, gems and points to get started.

Something to mention - Coruscating Elixir
This is free "hybrid" way to bypass ES/chaos dmg , so you don't need necessarily the Esh's Visage. Running the Coruscating Elixir probably twice and have it on cycling macro or somthing could do the trick :) (also, it's ruby flask you basically full uptime with 6% max fire res.
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Ty for scam <3
Hmm, looking at it in standard, it doesn't look like The Beast Fur Shawl is affecting ES regen from Zealot's Oath though it is affecting recharge.

Sitting in town with The Beast Fur Shawl equipped I have 843.8 regen with 7467 ES which is 11.3%, not the ~15% I should have with the rolls on my chest.

Ah, ignore my comments here, it does affect your regen it just isn't shown in the character sheet.

Seems viable to at least T12 maps or so, needs either a level 2 enlighten or one more 4% reduced mana reserved node to prevent low-mana while using Shield Charge or Whirling Blades for movement though.
It might be worth adding Arcane Vision, the sight range on interior maps is only about the range of an Increased AoE RF setup.

Edit: threw your build together on a character that had a reset in softcore, that's where any comments I have are coming from.
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i wish this community had a solid concept on what a league starter is and what is not. I would argue this one does not classify as one.

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