[3.5] Bashtart's SPARK INQUISITOR * farming like a god! :) VIDEO GUIDE

Completed 17 ChallengesWuked wrote:

I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong but this build seems incredibly fragile - I have died recently on T7 blue maps in a single hit from a blue mob.

Bosses in t11+ yellow maps are very hit and miss, and maps 14+ almost always end up in at least 1 death.

Looking in POB my DPS is over half yours @spaceninja94 - but some of your items are very expensive and I am not able to do uber shaper or anything like that with this build

My profile is public and my character is Wukk if anyone fancies taking a look in POB to see if I'm doing something silly that I haven't worked out.

I am about to reroll another character because I feel this build really doesn't work well at all :(

Hello Wuked, i've experienced it too. This build is fragile, especially in melee range in dangerous areas. For example, facetanking guardians, Shaper, UberElder, UberAtziri is never safe for me, even if i have injected a lot of money into the build.

Nothing alarming, melee is dangerous and BV is a melee range skill so if we don't get 1 hit we need to sustain the incoming damages. That's why i went for the leech enchant on boots, %chaos damage crafts + Atziri's flask, corrupt leech on neck.

What helped me to be tankier :

- 80% res
- HP and mana, don't forget that mana is part of your HP with Mind over Matter
- %leech, i opted for chaos with %extra chaos crafts on weapon and shield paired with atziri's flask, you can go for Vessel of Vinktar but you'll need to remove shock (Leech is very strong since your sparks and BV are always hitting targets even if you stopped casting)
- crit, crit is your chance to freeze and shock, a lot of crits means a lot of cc (you create walls of frozen monsters that don't leave bodies which is safer)
- DPS, more DPS equals faster killing, adds more leech, so that we can sustain incoming damage while monsters die faster

The build isn't suited to farm endgame bosses, you have the potential to kill them but it's really good at farming maps, even T16 Elder maps (i do farm underground sea, boss is easy) and Delving, for the reasons i listed above.

Hope this helped someone

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well for starters if you are running MoM you might now want Onsalught in your herald set up :-D (enlighten instead?) not sure
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Hi! How Can I improve my gear? I have some trouble with red map now....

Should I use Herald of ice/Herald of thunder/arctic armor or Herald of ice/wrath and Arctic armour?

Thx great build!
Completed 15 ChallengesGrosLoup wrote:

Hi! How Can I improve my gear? I have some trouble with red map now....

Should I use Herald of ice/Herald of thunder/arctic armor or Herald of ice/wrath and Arctic armour?

Thx great build!

Hello, red maps are sometimes painful if you're starting the build. You can start to make your 6L's gems 20% quality by selling them (lvl 20) to the vendor with 1 GCP each, 20%/20 will boost your BV's dps. Your boots enchant is nice but %leech enchant gives us a great sustain for both mana and health (keep in mind that mana is part of your HP and only spark is linked to mana leech, having mana leech for BV gives us quality of life). I don't see something specific to improve, a rare sceptre/shield can increase your dps , otherwise just global upgrade

Herald of ice/thunder/arctic armour isn't bad, however wrath gives us more dps than herald of thunder and you can't take arctic armour with herald of ice/wrath setup because we won't have enough mana to sustain incoming damage
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Completed 30 ChallengesSpaceninja94 wrote:
Hello my dear sparkers.
I have been using this build for 3 leagues now, it always worked really nice for me. With 3.5 uptade, since a lot have been added to the game, i wanted to show you how i handle Bashtart's spark build in betrayal atm.
Currently lvl 96, i have done all end-game content, i feel like this build is now stronger than ever.

-Pantheon : Soul of Lunaris; Soul of Shakari (immune poison)
- PoB : https://pastebin.com/8MFVFyxY

I am using the same skill tree but some different gear optimization. The idea of the build remains the same: having multiple layouts of defense like freeze, MoM, Fortify, block, leech... Good offense too with vaal/spark for a crazy clear and vaal/BV that have a big damage potential on bosses. All of that make the build really safe.

At the moment i'm at 5954 hp, 3M BV shaper dps. I am always looking to upgrade my dps and survivability so i changed a few things like :

- Loreweave 80%, more survivability and stil give us nice dps
- Atziri's flask + extra chaos damage prefix, chaos res became problematic in 3.5 so the flask helps us and scale for even more leech
- Call of the Brotherhood, big ring, helps a lot to control mobs and boost clearspeed with herald of ice
- Starkonja, more survivability, give dps and movespeed

I'm open if you have suggestions or questions, i'd be glad to improve my stuff and talk to you.

Thanks for the attention, and thanks Bashtart for your solid build.

Hi, I got a loreweave similar to yours a bit worse, but for sure 6 linked.

I do like the craft on shield and helmet/ armor, currently looking for a better scepter but,, my question is What do we do about Bleed since your flask have no immunity?

Also how would you exchange Dying sun in the flask rotation?

Also I checked your PoB and don't see a Life/ Onslaught eyeball. I know they are pricey but could this crank up your cast speed/movement?

the weapon should be a Rare scepter? I tried to search for one similar to yours, but hard to find.

I ended up making one, but daggers are on the market and can still use shield charge?

Note everyone that his loreweave is like 7 exalts atm and his watcher's eye is like 5+ exalts easily/ and I got a scepter same stats as his but with a crit multi line and 15% atk speeed and it does not disappoint
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