[3.10] Bashtart's SPARK INQUISITOR * farming like a god! :)

Hey, so i know you might not have the time to update the guide/PoB link and all, but do you have any general thoughts on 3.12 changes that might affect the build? Also, much love your builds and guides very useful, thank you!!!

Hi, is it worth in 3.13 ?? i like the build
is spark kill nwoadays ?
It's been a couple years since I last played PoE, but it was around 3.6 and I was using this build.

Coming back to the game and with Ultimatum about to release in the next few days, how viable is the Spark Inquisitor now?
Hey there doing a Crit Spark build currently in Expedition League and I am checking out some similar build for some inspiration. I am using the same chest, The Convenant Spidersilk Robe. In my 6-L Spark setup I have Arcane Surge. The chest no longer causes Arcane Surge to proc since I sarted using it.

Should I drop Arcane Surge since it no longer procs?

UPDATE: I have dropped it.

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