The Legacy Challenge League

Support packs here we go

SSF :love:
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you are kidding me man... You removed the breach pack without warning ? You usually write in the news something like "dont miss the last chance to buy the x pack. it will go out the x date"

PSA: The Breach Supporter Packs End Tomorrow!
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Please add a option to use 2 footprint effects on boots(1 on each foot),i have to much footprints from all lagues but my character only can use only one at time T_T
This is surely gonna be the best league GGG ever create

and if it is, its gonna prove me right that time to time reworked content > constant new incompleted content

See you in Legacy exiles!
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nice nice :-)
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One ticket for the hype train please!
Died in the end :(

Anyway hypeee
The rewards are getting crappyer by the league, where are the armour sets as rewards?
I had a feeling these were going league mods were going to be a temp thing...was hoping it was going to make a choice of league mods then run for the duration of the league
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