The Legacy Challenge League

The release of Path of Exile 3.0.0 later this year will herald a new era of Path of Exile. As we look towards the future of Path of Exile, our March update gives you a chance to celebrate Path of Exile's history in the Legacy challenge leagues. These leagues have self-contained economies and provide an opportunity for you to enjoy a fresh start and demonstrate your mastery of Path of Exile.

The Ultimate Flashback Event

Path of Exile: Legacy pays homage to the leagues and items of the past. Do you want to experience the heart-stopping surprise encounters of Invasion, risk valuable items for even more valuable rewards in Talisman, or acquire powerful crafting items in Essence? In the Legacy league, you can choose your own challenges, and even mix and match them.


You can find and equip up to three Leaguestones at once, which turn the next area you enter into a supercharged version of all of those leagues. Leaguestones can also drop with modifiers, which makes those areas both more challenging and more rewarding. If you've ever wanted to fight a triple-Essence Avian Retch holding a Talisman while a Corrupting Tempest is active, now's your chance.

Buffed League Uniques

Many of Path of Exile's most desirable unique items were only available during past leagues. In the Legacy league, when a leaguestone is active, you have a chance to find unique items from that league. We have reviewed league-specific uniques dating back to the first challenge leagues and have improved many that we felt were not relevant to the current state of Path of Exile. So while Shavronne's Revelation, Headhunter, Scold's Bridle and more are within your grasp, they may not be the only ones you want.

Relics and Reliquaries

Players in the Legacy league may find a special item that, when placed in the map device, allows travel to a Reliquary. These treasure chambers contain a chest that can drop a Relic - a special alternate-frame version of an iconic unique item from Path of Exile's history, restored to its original balance values. There are over 40 different Relics to find, and the powerful ones are very rare. We're mindful of the impact these could have on existing legacy items, so these will be clearly identifiable and commensurately rare.

Challenges and Rewards

The Legacy league includes a set of 40 new challenges. When you complete 12 challenges, you receive the Legacy Footprints Effect. At 24, you receive the Legacy Weapon Effect. When you complete your 36th challenge, you receive the Legacy Portal Effect. These microtransactions are exclusively available in the Legacy league.

From the 19th challenge onwards and for every third challenge after that, you receive pieces of a Legacy Totem Pole decoration to display in your hideout. The Totem Pole permanently showcases how many of the Legacy challenges you completed during this league.

Solo Self-Found Mode

Many Path of Exile players enjoy playing with the challenging restriction of not partying or trading with other players. This self-enforced playstyle has become more popular over time, so we're including an officially supported Solo Self-Found mode in Content Update 2.6.0. This mode is completely optional and you can opt-out at any time, enabling trading and partying on your character. Your progress of how far you got in this mode is recorded on a Solo Self-Found ladder for the league, letting you prove your ability to play without outside assistance. For more information, check out this article.

Balance Changes

This content update also contains several balance changes, including: improvements to unpopular clusters on the passive tree, more support for cold and elemental builds near the Ranger on the passive tree, mana nodes behind the Mind over Matter keystone, improvements to the claw, staff and sword passive tree clusters, buffs to one-handed weapon base type damage across the board, buffs and modifications to weapon implicit modifiers, reworks for threshold Jewels, changes to how area of effect modifiers are handled, and many more minor changes. For details, please keep an eye out for a manifesto post and then the patch notes.

All players will receive a one-off passive tree reset (including Ascendancy points) so that they can adjust their characters to these changes.

Additional New Content

We're adding many smaller pieces of content to coincide with the release of the Legacy league. This includes a set of 10 new Threshold Jewels, 16 powerful new unique weapons and armour pieces, a new unique Strongbox, and six new Rogue Exiles.

The Legacy Supporter Packs

To celebrate the release of 2.6.0, we're introducing two Supporter Packs: The Classic Pack and the Legacy Pack. They're loaded with exclusive microtransactions. The $30 Classic Pack contains 250 points, a cloak, weapon effect, forum title and portrait frame. The $60 Legacy pack has the same set of effects, 550 points, the Legacy armour set, full-character glow effect and a Baby Devourer pet. This represents over $100 of value for $60.

These packs are available for purchase right now and you'll receive their effects immediately so that you can begin preparing for the Legacy league in style.

Coming on March 3, 2017!

Content Update 2.6.0 will be released at noon on Friday March 3 (US Pacific Time). This is 9pm in the CET timezone and 9am on March 4 in New Zealand. The Legacy Challenge League will also start at this time.

This article does not contain the full patch notes for the 2.6.0 update. We'll be releasing more details on specific features over the next couple of weeks, culminating in the final patch notes a few days before the update is released.

This week we also announced our massive 3.0.0 expansion (Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath) that is coming later this year. It includes six new acts of content. Read more about it here!

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