Developer Interview - Blake - Environment Artist

Love library-type stuff. :)
CAMAN where is 3.0 ifnoz?
Come on man, another library, we need snow!
"Your grandchildren will awaken screaming in memory of what I utter today!"
- Path of Exile, Legacy Whispers of Doom Keystone
My F5 button just died
GGG_Blake wrote:
Alysma wrote:
Always great to read and thanks a lot, Blake, for taking time to do the interview. So, what's your favourite board game and what changes did you make to the rules? :-)

Oh it was a game called Hero Quest. It was basically D&D Jr (only 6 sided dice). I pretty much turned it into even more of a D&D game, before I even knew what D&D was. I only found out last year that Hero Quest was set in the Warhammer universe. That blew my mind!

We also had this submarine game called Torpedo Run. Where you took turns firing little discs that represented torpedoes at model battle ships. It was barely even a game. I ended up turning it into basically a tactics war game.

I also made an original D&D style game after I played D&D once and didn't fully understand it. I also only had 6 sided dice. I draw a world map and everything. Thinking back I enjoyed drawing the world map more than playing the game.

Ah, cool :-D
That's cool, but I am more interested into interview with the guy which totally killed my fun of this game, and the fun of thousands other guys with the killing the witches, CI and ES.

As well I would like to read an interview with the guy which decided that PoE should be a "balanced game".

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