Developer Interview - Blake - Environment Artist

Great job on aqueducts, that and Daresso's dream are the best parts of act4.
Wish the armchair developers would go back to developing armchairs.

Very interesting interview !

I was wondering, is there a link between being an environment artist for feature films and working at GGG ?

I am myself a senior env artist, and would be interested to know, just in case ;)

Yawp ! Creating worlds is a nice job.
"don't just make a wall, make the best wall." - Blake_GGG

...soon-to-be advisor to President Trump. :P
Blake: You are an amazing artist. You should be proud of what you have made!
Announcing about the preparement for the announcement of the release.
Hypetrain! Everyone get on! Choo Choo! :)

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The best part (imo) about PoE is what you're doing, Blake. Great skills, sir!
I always like reading these. Interesting point about making environmental objects/tiles interesting but not too interesting.
Nice screenshot. I can almost smell the book dust. So, there will be kind of archives in act 5, huh?

I wonder is Blake the one who responsible for Lunaris temple. First impression of that location was incredible. Ah, sweet memories.

Gilbert1337 wrote:
Choo Choo! :)

Count me in!

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There is a sure way to die.

Билды - это листья на дереве Path of Exile. C каждым патчем одни опадают, и каждую лигу вырастают другие.
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great more stuff to make me dysync more nice work ggg

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