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near my sister zana :P
IGN: _YunaAura_BestAura_
Yuna aurabot build : 2519298
Cute ingame ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *:・゚✧ :
Thanks for your post

Abyss Helmet
Metamorph Weapon Effect on Mjölner
Zenith Shield
Cult of Apocalypse Body Armour
Doomguard Gloves
Ice Character Effect
Arctic Crystal Boots
Metamorph Footprints
+ Gloom Herald Effect adds some black floaty stuff

The new Darkseer set works well with Miracle effects.

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Some of these are so pretty!

If anyone has any of the newer mtx's that'd be really cool. :) Thanks!
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I need a Screenshot of a 1h mace with the illusionist weapon skin, please.
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey bited me buy this combo.

🏆 - Interview 📜
🏆Flashback SC Bestiary - Top 1 Trickster
🏆Flashback SC Incursion - Top 1 Trickster
🏆Flashback SC Synthesis - Top 1 Chieftain
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