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OK, so I have had some iteration of "purple-man" since I started playing in 2016 (as I started during breach, I gt the breach stuff first and it went from there really)

with the release of the new supporter packs though, I've changed my base set from the old arcane set (the one with the orbs floating round it, I think they're like souls or something)

Also since I last played, there are a lot more options to customise the character, so have had a great time coming up with my new "purple-man"

PS: my original purple man is probably on here as well from 2016, but I still have pics on my PC if anyone would like to see the progression from the first breach cape, to where I am now.

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hey guys. if anyone has the pieces I've used (well the effects, the armour is just one set) do you think you could try the armour with different armour pieces and see if yu can find any nice combo's, please?

I am looking to extend my wardrobe with sets that can be used to mix up with my existing sets.

I can even list what sets and items I have already as well. I think maybe we would need to do a new thread though, as this might just be for sharing pics.

I was forwarded here by customer service to share my character.
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as the season just ended, I couldn't access my purple character, so |I decided to start on a blue one with dual wielded swords.

this is for my cyclone + COC frost spells build. with the Dual Cospri's (the cospris look pretty sweet though, so may end up using them without the weapon skin)

again, it's just a full armour set, with some extras, but I like it.

I really like the demon weapon effect, I would like to work some more of this high pink/red type colour in to the armour, when I can get the pieces for it. I mostly just like to run full sets at the moment, but fully decked out as best I can.

The Company Known As "Death On The Battlefield"
how come no one cares about fashions on here?

I find this quite alarming, given this game has the best particle effects and armour sets out of any game I've ever played.

I'm very excited about it, seems I'm the only one though :D

Is it because you have to buy them? I am not quite grasping why no one cares?

Or am I posting in the wrong place? (I was given this thread by customer support, they asked me to share it here, as they liked it)
The Company Known As "Death On The Battlefield"

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