2.5.2c Patch Notes

I don't even know. It seems to me that dx11 client started performing worse after recent patches. Parties and breaches are beyond unplayable the lags and stutters make you don't understand what is happening on screen. Even after small fix the situation is the same. But what really pisses me off is that alt tabbing to your desktop takes few seconds, in dx9 it is instant. Feels to me as though you broke something and I'm not even sure what better performance you were getting and talking about after these patches comparing dx9 client vs dx11. DX11 clearly performs worse it induces much more lag, and yea thank you once again for leaving these shadows, omfg...

I can almost bet that it is their fault of garbage performance especially when you are in shadow intensive areas+breach. Want something even crazier? Shadow intensive area+party+mtx's+breach :DDD WooHoo few fps, PoE in all it's glory. Now I'm not saying that disabling them will give us 60fps but we will definitely win like 10~15 back which would be awesome. As for now f*ck dx11 client and your stupid shadows...


I guess soon PoE will need GTX1080, i7 68+ and best SSD in the world to run it smooth. Maybe it's time to change the requirements a little GGG? Because clearly there is a mismatch, and quite a big one.
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PCIe ssd
titan x 24gb

Since you started with your "performance" patches I have frequent second long stutters, bit salty bout that.

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I guess soon PoE will need GTX1080, i7 68+ and best SSD in the world to run it smooth. Maybe it's time to change the requirements a little GGG? Because clearly there is a mismatch, and quite a big one.

It doesn't matter, it's not about performance really something is just broken.

edit: Apart from these really stupid performance problems poe keeps getting better and better thanks for a good job.
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Still in the same boat as the two posters above me. This patch did not fix what 2.5.2 broke.

Before 2.5.2 - Performance was perfect.

After 2.5.2 - Major framerate issues, stuttering, etc.

After 2.5.2c - No change from 2.5.2

I like Thesseract's idea...

Completed 25 ChallengesThesseract wrote:
Vould we please get an option in the menu to run the DX11 version from before 2.5.2 (call it pre-2.5.2 DX11 or something)?

My specs: DX11, Windows 10, i5 4670, Titan X, 16gb, SSD

same, had some stuttering before the patch but after this patch it's really bad.....opening a breach is not an option with this patch.....when i kill a group of mobs there is a delay of 1 second before they drop the loot.....it's just unplayable atm

Same here.
2.5.2c dont fix the stutterig problems.
I must say it only refuce the stuttering while in town, or walking on maps.
As I cast a spell FPS drops form 70+ to 5-6 so the game is still unplayable.
It seems like a particle problem with spells and other fx on game performances.

Please...try the game on a mid-level configuration running win7 BEFORE next patch relase.
I am also having the same issues. Running in maps is better now, but still a lot worse than in 2.5.1. The game is still unplayable for me, because as soon as I hit a monster, my fps drop down to 0 or 1.
I have the same performance as in 2.5.2b

DX9 - crazy stuttering, good fps between stutters but makes it unplayable

DX11 - no stutters just overall bad fps (~20-30 fps on average)

It used to run so much better in 2.5.1 (DX11) :(
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Performance is worse for me than 2.5.2b

Now I am getting extreme random stutters and FPS fluctuation.

DX 11 has overall less FPS than DX 9ex and both stutter and fluctuate like mad.

Posted to tech support as requested.
I sent my DxDiag + Log too, now let's wait and see
Yeah. FPS is really terrible. DX9 is really unplayable (not only after patch 2.5.2), so i started playing on DX11, but after last 2-3 patches its terrible. FPS drops like crazy. I send them too. logs + dxdiag. My PC Specs are not worst for this game, i5 4670K @ 4.1GHz, 16GB RAM DDR3 1600Mhz CL5, Crucial M550 128GB SSD Sata, (installed PoE on SSD), XFX Radeon RX470, 1TB hdd, 500W PSU etc, but still its more FPS drops than it's supposed to be. This game should be played flawlessly on 60+FPS without any problem...
Poor performance since 2.5.2, this patch didn't fix it either. Sent the dumps. Bring back pre 2.5.2 DX11 it was perfect :\
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