2.5.2c Patch Notes

tHANKS!! keep the good work!
Hopefully my frames are back at solid 60 instead of rollercoaster
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Sadly, this patch hasn't really changed the situation from 2.5.2. FPS and frame time are still all over the place and stuttering persists.

It would be really nice to have some detail regarding who the "some users" with "specific, relatively rare setups" are/were?
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Slight stuttering while using DX11 that began after path 2.5.2 is still there. Seems like there was no change with 2.5.2c.

Unless it is all in my head, could we please get an option in the menu to run the DX11 version from before 2.5.2 (call it pre-2.5.2 DX11 or something)?
Still in the same boat as the two posters above me. This patch did not fix what 2.5.2 broke.

Before 2.5.2 - Performance was perfect.

After 2.5.2 - Major framerate issues, stuttering, etc.

After 2.5.2c - No change from 2.5.2

I like Thesseract's idea...

Completed 25 ChallengesThesseract wrote:
Vould we please get an option in the menu to run the DX11 version from before 2.5.2 (call it pre-2.5.2 DX11 or something)?

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I posted in the 2.5.2 patch thread and the below image shows what my frame rate was after patch 2.5.2 was implemented.


This 2.5.2c has corrected a lot of the more severe stuttering, but periodic dips (frame rate drop offs) still occur. Some minor stuttering is still noticeable as well in certain situations after many monsters have been killed or when in town or in a H/O.


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Hey all,

If you are still experiencing performance issues after 2.5.2c, and if these issues only started happening after the 2.5.2 patch; then please send us an email with your Dxdiag dump and your client.txt file.

How to DxDiag

If you are running Windows 7 or higher:
Press and hold the Windows key, then press R. This should open the Run window.
In the pop-up window enter DxDiag and click Ok.
After the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window opens; Click on, "Save all information", then choose a location to save the text file to.
Once you have the text file, attach it to an email and send it to us at:
Please include a link to any relevant threads!

Where to find your Client.txt file

This will be located in: *\Grinding Gear Games\Path of Exile\logs

e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Grinding Gear Games\Path of Exile\logs

Or for 32bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Grinding Gear Games\Path of Exile\logs

✮ Please contact support@grindinggear.com if you need any help!
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This is actually pretty funny. Whenever I've tried dx11 in the past, I got worse fps. I know it's because my hardware can't really support it (i7 / intel hd 3000) so there's no point in sending in the diagnostics. However, after 2.5.2, dx11 is beyond bad: it's quite literally unplayable: when screen comes up, the background is totally dark. For character selection, I can't see any of the characters and when attempting to load Sarn, it literally crashed. On the plus side, the direx9ex seems to be getting much better. Stuttering and drops in fps now pretty much only occur in breaches at certain times. I get a stable 20 fps. Only one memory crash in direct9ex which caused an exit to the program.
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Patch 2.5.2c still did not change anything for me. Still much less fps when using dx11 than before 2.5.2
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didnt fix d3d9 shader error, still cant play !!

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