[2.6.x] #1 Strongest Blade Vortex Build [ LL 95% Crit Phys NO POISON] [NEW DPS 1.6 Mill !!!+Pics]

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Jesus, cringed from reading those childish posts by that zabo guy.
just threw this build together and im only getting 2.5k blade vortex unbuffed and 110k buffed would you be able to look at my profile and see whats wrong?
Hi i tried so make a 1st look on your toon:
here is some things i found so far:

miss overcharge(this is really heavy)
miss arcane potency
miss occultist domination

BV Gem lvl 20
Shav no +1
Empower lvl 3
hatred 18
crit muulti lvl18

my toon lvl 96 ur is lvl 91
some jewels could have 2 dps stats

Is ur DMG u wrote with Inc aoe or conc effect?

i will look later more detailled.

Greetings m8 !
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I have a " decent " budget to invest in a new build. Looking at those OP builds and stopped at yours. Everything looks nice and i think: " Damn this is the build i'm looking for !" until i read the "gear" section xD. Everything seems to fall after that.
Feelsbadman :(
If only your build doesn't use the god damn "skyforth" i'll happily to follow it xD
Anyway nice build u have there m8. Never seen a build with that DPS except for those warchief builds out there.
Bf or bv better bro?
Enjoy Legacy!!!!
BF at this point of time can be also strong due bricked chaos/bleed mechanics.
BV seems stronger.
Can this build be done without Skyforth ?
Hi <3,

absolutly yes.

Just replace Crit Mutli gem with Pwr Charge on Crit on bosses.
In normal mapping situation u can easy sustain charges with
Assasins Mark)

I also will update thread with an Option:
Presence of Chayula + ES Boots

Was finding a decent build whether I wan go bf or bv
Was trying to find a +1 lv to socket gem in shav and i couldn't find it in standard poe.trade so how can I do now ??

Have u try put a normal shav and test in guardian shaper etc
Enjoy Legacy!!!!

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