[2.6.x] #1 Strongest Blade Vortex Build [ LL 95% Crit Phys NO POISON] [NEW DPS 1.6 Mill !!!+Pics]

i jut started playing this game yesterday and following this build. thanks for making it very easy to follow great work.
Hey i'm fairly new to this game. When I look at builds I see that people don't spec all of theirs. Do we use those extras for what we think we need? looking forward to playing your build :)
wondering if this still works with instant leech for es being nerfed in 3.0
Will you update this build once 3.0 rolls out? You could try going life since the ES nerf. You'll have to change Shavs and won't be able to run so many auras but you'll still get the leech and with MoM buff Skyforths will still be BiS. Would love an upgraded Passive Tree
look my gears and tree for current tests, looks good so far...more information coming soon...
Is this build possible anymore?

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