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For the 2 tormented Spirits challenge just go to Shore map, roll it blue with 2 bosses.
The boss releases a sprit at 50% and at 25% life (so damage him slowly) and they go into each other boss - eez game.
saninn1 wrote:
The only interesting challenge was the 2 tormented spirits one becouse i had to chase spirits around and make them go to the Rare mob :D that was actually a real challenge involved brain....i had to be creative and use Ice walls and white weapon and etc...

Or you could just do this:
1. Go to shore map and clear all rares around boss.
2. Get boss to 50% life and stop dps. Boss will summon a spirit and get possesed by it
3. Get boss to 25% life and stop dps. Boss will summon a second spirit and get possesed by it.
4. Finish the boss and get your challenge.
Completed 25 ChallengesDocbp87 wrote:
Haha... I wonder how the He-Man-Lab-Haters club feels about Aspirant's Trial being such a popular zone to create...

Also, look at what those RNG challenges seem to have done...

It's popular to create because people keep dying in it and try to run it again or because people do lab carries. Not because the Lab is popular per se. It's unpopular but it has to be run.
If Path of Exile had a child with Warframe then that would be the best game ever conceived. Oh well I guess until then I'll have to play both!
I was wondering how to do the tormented spirits chanllange ... thx for the inshight
Wh...w....w.....why do people create so many merc: submerge passages??
What's there to farm? idu
"Players can now smack around players who are having trouble very early on."
Looks like quite some players after earining wings are not interested in rest of challanges :)

And Dried Lake rulez!

Hi all, after playing the very first beginning of this game I finally come back with Breach League and it's really awesome!

Good Work!
Completed 18 Challengesyarkil wrote:
Looks like quite some players after earining wings are not interested in rest of challanges :)

And Dried Lake rulez!


I won't speak for the others but personaly i will never go for 40/40 again in a league. Last challenges require to play on a daily basis i'm fine with spending a lot of time on a game but right now PoE still remain the same thing you know. Kill trash => job done.
I mean i don't have the same enjoyment playing like before, you can add breach or prophecy or anything else after some hours it's still the same thing. Sooo in this situation and with this mindset i wouldn't spend xxx hours doing 10k map tiers + endgame grind like i used to do, i had a blast with this league but that's it work is taking a lot of time and my steam library is waiting for me since too much time :)

Congrats for the brave that keep going to 40/40 i wish i still had your motivation.

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