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League is a joke. It enforces a certain playstyle while punishing people with weaker PCs(or even great PCs because the servers cant handle all the breach clutter). I sincerely hope breaches will not be a part of the core game same as how perandus with its bullshit did not become part of the core game.
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0.75% of players have completed 36 challenges to earn the Demonic Wings.

oh yeah baby ! Thanks for the league, I am having a good time. Good enough that I might try to go beyond 36
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Yay! I got my wings yesterday
stipen wrote:
the way this games going soon only need to complete 6 "challenges" to get full armor sets

why should everything be so easy to get

The statistic is worse than essence and you say that everything is so easy?

Logic? O.o
how many life builds doing endgame (deathless?!) and how many CI?
Buff life on the right side of the tree! Just a little! Pretty Please!
Interesting. What are the minimum PC requirements to avoid lag?
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Challenges with buy it on trade 820 are not challenges.
Month before was at 30 challenge still nowhere, stuck at 32, because after 10.000 map tiers and all sextants spent what droped during gameplay still no nemesis, no unique box from list (many but no any of required), perandus coffers?? some joke over 50 perandus mods (withdrawned after saw misssery one time cadiro spawned OMFG), two coffers LoL, pls remove that perandus mod from zana because that shit not gonna work, etc.
Most annoying masochist RNG dependent challenges ever prolly my last league after all, because if i need to buy it i dont want to play that type of game, and noone cant say i wasnt roll content after all, shaper killed, chayula killed,... 10.000 is 10.000.
So if this is future of leagues "trade Ex for challenge" then thank you and goodbye.
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Top ten most created areas:
Merciless: The Dried Lake
Merciless: The Submerged Passage
Merciless: The Lunaris Temple Level 1

Why are people creating lunaris and submerged?
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vakbrain wrote:
Yay! I got my wings yesterday

I'm going to try to get mine before the end of the month! First time getting 36!
What I am wondering a bit is the amount of players complaining that the challenges are too hard or too easy. When reading this thread I got the feeling that most people think that getting all of the challenges (or at least enough to get the wings) is all that counts.

I think I won't even get near all of them - I probably will get around 30 or so and I'm quite ok with that. Why?

Because I think that I neither spend time enough nor am a good enough player. I'm sure there are more than enough players who are simply better and spend more time than I do too. If I would manage to get all challenges it would probably be too easy for a lot of people. And as it is no I can rest easy that there always will be a challenge still open I can work on.

That said I had (and still have) a lot of fun trying to achieve as much as I can.

The most fun challenge for me this league was “Kill these Beyond Demons“ because there was some RNG involved, but I was also able to influence the chance that they spawn. I got a Quay map with a Beyond mod and spent 3 chaos in the map device too. I got 6 unique beyond monsters in this map and it was just hard enough to finish without getting killed.

Maybe that's an idea for future challenges - make them random, but give players a chance to control the probability that they spawn?

Just my two scrolls of wisdom. 😉
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