[2.5] Electrozombie's Blight CWC Crit Cold Glacial Cascade | CI | 95% Crit | 585 Multi | HC Viable

Hello. I wanna try it on 2.6 HC legacy. So, you think it's work or i should try another build? I have currency, so leveling should be easy.
on some bosses you just dont have your 7 up and therefore far less crit chance! a diamond flask or orb of storms - pcoc setup will greatly increase that kills!

Critical Strike chance is only rolled once per channelling. This means that if the first hit of a channelled skill scores a critical strike, all other hits while that skill is channelled will be critical strikes as well. The exception to this is when a hit is made a critical due to a conditional Critical Strike Chance modifier such as Assassin's Mark or the Assassin notable passives Ambush and Assassinate.

source: http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Channelled_skill
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Could we get a updated skill tree for 3.0?

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