[2.5] Electrozombie's Blight CWC Crit Cold Glacial Cascade | CI | 95% Crit | 585 Multi | HC Viable

Hi there, so I started to play yesterday and a friend told me to go search some builds so here I am.
Quick question: You're telling us to use Whirling blades but you have Shield charge equipped so which one should I use?

I'm finding I move faster with shield charge and a quicksilver than I did with whirling.

What would be the preferred 5 Link or this build? Just drop cold pen for now?
yes shield charge is better than whirling blades! Ye probably drop cold pen when on 5link! if you are not crit capped with controlled destruction you can probably drop it too and use cold pen!
oh sorry! yes of course shield charge! i typed that wrong but its now corrected!
Is this build doable SSF without any previous gear or masters?

Also, would you make any changes to your passive tree for SSF? E.g make it life based until you can find good gear or anything like that?
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well you ll have to level on life based or hybrid anyway! It requires kinda lot of uniques so it might anyway work with equiv items. I personally wouldn't recommend SSF for it
Thanks for being honest man, i appreciate it.
Heya. How viable would this be with an Elementalist or Occultist variant? Also, why did you decide to use Blight over that of say, wither?
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ye elementalist would work too, but probably for most crit dps assassin is best! i used blight because of the low mana cost and it looks cool :) since it doesnt do any damage basically :)
Using this on LSC, level 66 I think. Anything you did for single target that works better than GC? Obviously trash gear at the moment for me. blight+cwc+GC in a bitterdream clears trash pretty good but tanky bosses take forever.

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