[2.5] Electrozombie's Blight CWC Crit Cold Glacial Cascade | CI | 95% Crit | 585 Multi | HC Viable

Electrozombie's Blight CWC Cold Crit Glacial Cascade Build

General Build Informations / Conceept
Hi everyone, my name is Electrozombi and recently I came up with another Build i made in the current Breach Hardcore League. The Build uses Blight supported with Cast When Channeling -> Glacial Cascade! Against all your expectations, we don't convert the cold damage to fire or chaos or whatever -> we just play pure cold (and phys, and some chaos) crit Cascade! Fully buffed the average damage of cascade is 30k. In addtion, Herald Of Ice in a four link provides lots of damage too and makes map clearing even faster with shattering everything!

- Level 93
- Breach Hardcore Build / died at 93,4 to Haast in -Max and shit mods map.
- CI
- Vaal Pact
- Instant Leech from Belt, Boots, Warlods Mark & Atziri's Promise
- 95 Crit / 585 Crit Multi with 7 Power Charges and even with Controlled Destruction!
- 79 Cold Resistances
- Safe vs Reflect Mobs
- Fast Map Clear Speed
- Fortify, Immortal Call
- Surgeon's Flasks ! Always getting Flask Charges
- Looks Cool & Is Fun To Play !
- Can't Do Elemental & Physical Reflect Maps !
- Endgame Viable! T15 Bosses, Atziri, Guardians (Phoenix & Minotaur down)

Offense Stats

Passive Tree

Level 93
* From level 91 on pick up what you like. Either % ES or Alchemist Flask nodes are my recommendation

My Gear

Gems & Links

Armour: Blight - Cast When Channeling - Glacial Cascade - Inc. Crit Multi - Controlled Destruction - Cold Penetration

Weapon: Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks

Gloves: Herald Of Ice - Increased Area of Effect - Inc. Crit. Strikes - Ice Bite
* have to be in gloves because +1 Elemental Gems from Voidbringers *

Shield: Discipline - Purity of Ice - Enlighten Level 2

Helmet: CWDT - Immortal Call - Inc Duration - Vaal Discipline

Boots: CWDT - Warlods Mark - Vortex - Vaal Lightning Trap

Normal: Kill / or Kraytan | Cruel: Kill | Merciless : Alira

Ascandency Points

Normal: Unstable Infusion
Cruel: Deadly Infusion
Merc: Ambush
Uber: Assassinate


- Get 30% Reduced Herald Of Ice Reservation on your Helmet! Otherwise you can't run all needed aura's!
- Get 0,4-0,6 Life Leech when killed recently Enchant on Boots! More Leech = More Survivability!
- Get on your gloves whatever you like!

Leveling Guide
Since this is a CI build you will have to level as Lifebased first. I respeced into CI at around level 70ish. Lowest you can do ist 68 (Requirement for Beast Fur Shawl). I used Blight - CWC - Cascade from Level 38 on (Requirement for Cast When Channeling Gem). Here is a leveling skill tree you can use till 68ish


We leech from Doryani's Belt (0,2% Cold Damage), from Boots (0,6% when killed recently & from Atziri's Promise Flask (2% Chaos Damage) and from Warlods Mark on CWDT Setup. Additionally we gain 20 ES on Kill by Voidbringers. This is fairly enought to outleech reflect mobs even in -max res Maps!

Gameplay Videos & Detailed Guide

- Video Build Guide & Various Gameplays T13-T9 Maps :
- Endgame Bosses & Content


Atziri, Breachlords, Guardians & Shaper Viable?
Yes & No! In SC i did Minotaur, Phoenix, Tul, Atziri & all kind of T14+T15 Bosses. However, I just tried Shaper one time and screwed up with the void holes. Might be able to kill it. In HC you should probably be experienced in guardians and shaper fight!

More Questions?
Comment here, write me a PM, or text me ingame@ ElectroCascadeZombie

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* reached lvl 93 / got Temp Chains on Hit Corrupted Voidbringers! * push !
Hm, looks fun, the problem is that it can't do end game content :/
Last edited by henriquegaspa on Jan 13, 2017, 8:23:58 AM
Hi everyone,
some updates in the guide! I died at 93,4 to Haast in -10 Max Map... ^^ However, now in SC I was able to try out more harder content with the build and made a video showcasing some bosses i did

- Endgame Bosses & Content

Additionaly swaped Added Chaos Damage Gem to Cold Penetration for more dps!
Hope you guy's now see that it is viable for most endgame content in PoE! Cheers
nice build!
hey man, the build looks very interesting and i was curious as to the clear speed and boss kill speed, it seems rather slow on boss's in the linked videos compared to many others and wanted to know how it goes with the end game content, (Guardians, uber atziri etc..). thanks
It is all fine up to t15 maps! Guardians just take longer as the video shows, but others melt really quickly! It s all about power charges. on some bosses you just dont have your 7 up and therefore far less crit chance! a diamond flask or orb of storms - pcoc setup will greatly increase that kills!
thanks for the reply man the build looks really fun and different to the current meta, should be enjoyable :)
Excume, but can someone explain to me some basic points of allocate skill point in this game !

it's very complex and i'm a newbie

hi, wel if you are a noob i would rather recommend you a life based build instead of CI ! AS far as the tree goes, just travel from shadow - witch - templar areas and pick up Life/ES as you need and damage nodes too! cheers

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