Path of Exile's Trailers Through Time: Part Two

elwindakos wrote:
Teriderol wrote:
dark action RPG no more, you even removed tolman's scream, so sad

Maybe you are deaf?its still there

3 chars 3 acts, no changes to my sounds settings since last patch, is this a bug?
He definitely screams.
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Regulator wrote:

How about his quotes regarding the labyrinth?

Just 20 minutes ago after being CARRIED for ASCENDANCY POINTS ONLY : "Thank's god we'll(talking to his wife Rania) never have to do shitty traps again" -Kripparrian on lab 6/1/2017

We all know he is either mind controlled by Rania, or she replaced him with a doppleganger.
dyida wrote:
That old globe art.......feels bad

Closed beta ones or the nude girls :-)
No Problem,
Didn't Essence Legue had a trailer? :O

Really good work over the years. Can't wait for act 5, 6, 7, 8 ~ 20 >,<
I'll keep buying packs ^^
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WOW, what about the 2 skills in Sacrifice of the Vaal that aren't in the game?
Here's to looking forward to the next set of eight trailers, some time in 2019! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and good luck with future expansions!
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Sexcalibure wrote:
Teriderol wrote:
dark action RPG no more, you even removed tolman's scream, so sad

But hey, it's DARK purple xD
There is a sure way to die.

Билды - это листья на дереве Path of Exile. C каждым патчем одни опадают, и каждую лигу вырастают другие.
Ty Chris & GGG for the best game ever made, now I think I just rape M button!
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You guys like purple don't you ? :)
(fine with me, I love this color)
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