It's the start of 2017 here in New Zealand. In addition to wishing the entire community a happy new year, we wanted to post our annual retrospective on 2016. We are proud to announce that, once again, we've had the best year so far for both the game and the company! 2017 is already looking good. In addition to launching Act 5 in the first half of the year, we also have some other exciting projects in the works. Thank you to the staff and our dedicated community for making all of this possible!

In 2016:

  • We launched four challenge leagues: Perandus, Prophecy, Essence and Breach.
  • We absorbed the Russia and Singapore Garena communities.
  • We introduced cloaks!
  • We released our two largest ever expansions: Ascendancy and Atlas of Worlds.
  • We launched more purple leagues than any previous year.
  • We set a record number of players online with the introduction of the Breach challenge league.
  • We launched a successful alpha and beta release in China. Path of Exile is currently listed as #1 on the most anticipated upcoming games list on the popular Chinese news site
  • We expanded from 60 to 92 staff members.
  • Chris shaved his beard.
  • We deployed 76 updates/patches to our realm.
  • We posted 313 news articles - an average of 6 posts per week.
  • There were 40% more hours played of Path of Exile on our realm in 2016 than 2015. This is a buff.
  • Massively increased average game performance (by triple for many users).
  • Grinding Gear Games celebrated its 10 year anniversary!

Don't forget, the Path of Exile Talent Competition ends in two weeks! We've had many awesome submissions already but there's still time to participate if you're interested. Have a great new year everyone!
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Happy new Year!

Edit: Gotta snatch that first post hehe, GGG did very well this year, and what else can i say.. THANKS for this awesome beloved Game, keep it up!
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First page!!! Happy New Year everyone!

Edit: I've been playing Path of Exile since 2012 and i must say that the last year was definitely my favorite one. Well designed leagues, tons of new content, and my favorite expansion - Atlas of Worlds.

Let's hope 2017 will be even better, I'm looking forward to the new content updates and act V!
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Happy new year everyone!
Thanks for the wonderful game, i still enjoy it after all these years.
Happy new year! Thank you GGG for such an awesome game!
P.S. First page!!!
"Chris shaved his beard." <-- this is a buff.

Happy New Year xx
I do not and will not use TFT.
Gaming Granny :D
Chris shaving his beard= death of poe in 2017, gg chris, you killed poe
Huzzah! Congrats! I am not a power player, but I have enjoyed playing POE off and on for many years. Really enjoying Breach now as well. :)
We launched more purple leagues than any previous year.

way to go.
Happy New Year GGG! 2017 will be the year for you guys because of act 5. ;)

Act 5 hype!!!!
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

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