Developer Interview - Alex - Physics Programmer

Please make that as weapons MTX! I really want to make a ground slammer using marauder! or Spectral throw Templar!

so this is the future of carrying someone through the game... xDD !

Thanks for the hard work, cloaks look awesome! :)

I about laughed myself out of my chair at the dual wielding ranger rag-dolls! That Cyclone about killed me XD

One thing i've always loved about POE and GGG. The Devs have a great sense of humor and are awesome about community interaction.
good work , PLEASE FIX CYCLONE so that you do NOT stop attacking if you hit a pebble on the ground !!! thanks.

I'd like to point out I haven't seen a single performance improvement in at least 6 months, while I have seen multiple times average performance has degraded - lower framerates and higher processor utilizations. Memory usage per client appears to be at an all-time high as well. This is across 3 different systems, consistently.

Your "optimizations" appear to be tailored explicitly towards the machines that need it least - high-end, EXTREMELY recent rigs - and are actually HURTING older machines that need every frame they can get more. You are making the game playable on fewer computers and restricting Path of Exile's audience. Among my rigs AMD and ATI systems seem to be taking the worst hit.

Please keep all this in mind going forward. As a programmer myself, I am VERY disappointed with what appears to be your work so far. It is entirely negatively affecting my experiences with Path of Exile.

If at all possible, please start implementing "low-spec" options like League of Legends has, where those with older machines, and sometimes even just any machine not bought within the past 6 months, who often don't care about the more purely-aesthetic effects like cloth physics anyways, can TURN THEM OFF. I don't want or need cloth physics or excessively fine-grain particle effects in my Diablo clone, and neither do a lot of other people. Don't ruin the game for us for something only part of the audience even wants.
People who don't like the Labyrinth are not a minority: Be heard - say you don't like it in your signature. Don't leave complaining about lab to others - GGG needs to see how many people dislike it. Ascendancy must be gated on true ARPG content, not a poorly-crafted internet Legend of Zelda wannabe.
Cyclone ranger new meta :^)
the duelist made a ranger skinsuit backpack, clever.

(Act V: Silence of the Lambs)
dual wield ranger cyclone = new meta, so much weapon range :D
hey what are you doing? Plz launch the Girl's Cyclone!!!!

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