[3.5] Elemental Warrior | Armour & Evasion Life | Scales well | All endgame content

If bladeflurry gets nerfed too much it won't be much of a problem.

Just pick lacerate and drop inc AoE for multistrike and you are set!
how are aquity BiS? the instant leech is pointless if you are running vaal pact, the crit is nice. wouldnt it be better to just get a nice pair of life/int attack speed gloves, slitherpinch or facebreakers for crit multi? nothing makes aquity BiS just a good option.
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There use to be 2 skills tree. One with Acuity and one without. But with the new changes the one without is stronger so Acuity are not needed nor recommanded anymore. I'll update it.
What budgetish means ? Is it cheap ? Or not ? (WHen i see Vinktar flask, i think it isn't budget friendly xD)
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under 10ex well spend and you can kill shaper.

the more currency you have the better, but with 5ex you can easily do guardians.
Need video for this build(
I'll try to find videos similar and compare them to the build.
How comes you use anger aura instead of hatred, herald of ash or blasphemy + ele weakness?
Hatred and Herald of Ash are physical damage based, this build is pure elemental.

Ele weakness reduce the elemental resistance, but with templar, on critical strike which is almost always, the resistance are totally ignored.
Any further updates on this build? What are some end game uniques to look for?

Also, is lacerate better than bladeflurry now?


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