[3.2] Very cheap ~ REVIVED 4 Million DPS+ RF Fire Nova Mine (Update soon)

Since the poison nerfs a while back, occultist FNM has been scraped. But i've revived the build in bestiary league with around 40% the damage (4 million instead of 10 million , which is still overkill ) but MUCH better survivability and clear speed.

You can check the summary down below to see what i've changed. I'm planning on making a more comprehensive guide soon. I really LOVE this new version of the build and dare I say I enjoy it more than the occultist since it's a jack of all trades and not heavily focused on single-target yet still manages to accomplish all end-game feats (haven't tried uber elder/ub atz yet).

3.2 Update (Ascendancy changes):

I have successfully revived the build with the poison and double-dipping nerfs.

It is now called "Righteous fire nova mine SABOTEUR".

I have around 2.8 million dps currently, with much better clear speed and survivability ( because of PoF) and 5.8k life with insane regen (Vitality/ascendancy). I've killed shaper and all the guardians so far (with very few deaths).

- How do you have so much dps?

I've made use of Saboteur's regen ascendancy in order to be able to sustain RF for single-target. While using all the gear necessary, PoF and rise of the phoenix to make it viable. This gives it 40% more spell damage multiplier, which gets us to that amount of damage, and the helm enchant which was always OPOP.

Now you dont have to RF I just like to use it because it looks nice. You can drop PoF/Vitality for anger/herald of ash and get around the same dps. But this means you need another good sceptre to dual weild and you lose out on block and purity and will lose life in order to get more resists on gear. Overall I think rise of the phoenix and RF ticking is the way to go.

I have achieved an average tooltip of around 20k shaper dps (buffed) on my FNM. This amounts to roughly 250k damage per mine ( due to 6 pulses) and since we have 11 mines this is roughly 2.8 million dps, 3 million when factoring in righteous fire DOT, or arcane surge, and other variables.

- What have you done so far?

I've one shot every uber izaro phase with just one mine set - ON JUST A 7.5K TOOLTIP at level 79.

I've killed shaper and all the guardians including red elder with very few deaths (it's very surprising how safe this is for mapping)

Pastebin link:

Swapping controlled destruction with fire penetration nets us with 3.1 million dps, we can even go further and get base crit on 6 link chest and that would get us to 4 MILLION DPS.

Updates: (Recent: 3/25/2017)
- Added LL version - 2/21/2017
- Added LL tree - 2/21/2017
- Added legacy league shaper kill 5-link gear 3/21/2017
- Removed mantle, new chest & few gem changes 3/23/2017
- Added actual dps calculations on PoB for both versions 3/25/2017
- Added bestiary league version of build POST NERFS 3/11/2018

Video of me doing shaper at 84 (First did him at 81 actually):

~Note: This was with just 6.3k conc tooltip.
Here's a p3 shaper near one-shot (He starts the phase at the beggining)

One shotting the mini-boss (current setup has much more insane damage)
I actually did p1 shaper in 3 seconds on LL version! No ad phase :)

A nice surprise from shaper :D 1/3/2016

Legacy league 2.6 Shaper kill on a 5-link 3/21/2017:

Just did shaper on a 5 link incandescent heart :)
Not even 20/20 on all gems yet,

Outdated build (pre-nerfs):


Hi guys, this is my first ever build guide - my Dual-Curse Chaos Nova Miner Occultist in Breach league. Now I know what you're thinking... MY EYES!! I know, but seriously, i've managed to kill uber atziri, shaper, as well as farm uber lab very early on in this build.

The build is very budget for what it can accomplish. It focuses on scaling as much chaos damage as possible with fire nova mine and stacking poison on enemies through dual consuming darks.

The reason why fire nova mine is such a powerful spell is because with the right helm enchant, remote mines support gem, and some nodes on the tree, you can make the fire nova pulse 54 times - this is very good for stacking poison. This makes the single target damage it can achieve absolutely devastating, and on LL you can potentially reach up to ~40 million dps before you even reach level 90! (See actual dps section for info)

Not only does the build excel in single-target (having also done all guardians, even the poison immune ones), but it also has very good AOE. It's great for mapping and is very fun to play in general.

P.S: I was motivated to write a build guide after I made this post on reddit:



+ Insane damage
+ Good clear speed
+ Budget
+ Fun to play
+ Very good for beaches/strongboxes due to AOE

- One mana flask..
- Clunky to play; Hard to master

Dual consuming dark ~ 20c
Incandescent heart ~ 1c (6linked myself)
Fire nova mine enchant on helmet ~1-3ex (1ex right now)
Witchfire brew ~40c
Atziri's promise ~1c
Lavainga's Spirit ~20c
ES gear with resistances & chaos damage on rings ~ 40c
150-250 Chaos

Argument to defend budget - updated to 1/10/2017
Here's an updated budget list that can get you through end-game:

Skin of the loyal with right colors (2g 4b or 5b 1g) ~ 2-3ex
Incandescent heart - 5 EX

Helm enchant ~ 1.7ex
Rings with resists - 10c (chaos damage isn't necessary, it didn't cost more than 30c to craft two with good resists on the right bases)
Belt, Boots & gloves - 20c
Dual consuming - 10c
Flasks - 30c

It may not seem like it but you can actually get by with a minimum of 300 chaos with a skin of the loyal. This is much cheaper than the budget entails.

Really, it boils down to how much you're willing to invest in the build. I've invested well over 10ex myself. However, I can assure you that if you play your trading properly and don't overpay, it's still possible to do uber/shaper and guardians with just that amount of money.

CI with Incandescent heart/regalia[Level 90]

LL Passive Tree[Level 96]

Ascendancy Points: Void Beacon, Wicked Ward, Profane Bloom, Vile Bastion/Malediction

Bandits: Passive point, Passive point, Power charge



On the tree we focus on taking crit/area damage , most major ES nodes, mine damage nodes, and all the jewel slots near us.

The build cannot function without Clever Construction - You have to get your mine immunity ASAP.

Volatile mines is also very important to get as that speeds up your clearing and survivability.

Blast Cascade is our main source for generating power charges.

Once you get to the point where you got your infernal mantle / dual consuming you want to remain above 30% mana in order to not get destroyed. So, a very helpful thing to get is to socket a healthy mind jewel in the jewel slot near melding (the hybrid ES/Life wheel) which would give you an extra ~300 mana.

Once you're at the point where you're ready to switch to CI you can take out the starter spell damage nodes and focus on getting as much ES on your tree/gear as possible.

If you're having trouble with dex/str reqs for gems (FA and Fortify) then take Physique and Alacrity.

Once you're 70, swap to incandescent heart, and begin to use that instead. Reserve discipline & temp chains. You should be at 500 unreserved mana or so with some mana on gear, 4% reduced node, and healthy mind socketed. More than enough for our mana cost even on a 6-link.


I was asked how I leveled so I hope this helps out some of you:

Levels 1-18:
Gear: Dual wield lifesprigs & wanderlust boots, goldrim
Spell: Use anything really. Self-cast Firestorm is really nice at level 12.

Levels 18-45:
Gear: Life sprigs, wanderlust, cloak of flame, elreon jewelry, xoph's heart, goldrim
5L CoF- Remote mine + Firestorm + Minefield + Added cold damage/controlled destruction + Inc area/conc (@38)
Auras: temporal chains & blasph all the way (will stop writing this)

Level 45-53:
Gear: Tremor rod(5L), wanderlust, cloak of flame, goldrim & cap resists on jewelry
Same as before except you can take out remote mine now and have:
Firestorm + Minefield + Added cold + Inc area/conc + Added lightning/cd - (All on your tremor rod)

Level 53-69:
Firestorm mines damage is pretty insane up until you get your dual consumings at 53, then you can start using FNM on a 5 link mantle (at 65) or 6 link regalia/skin of the loyal, and start stacking poison. Check my links in the Links and Gems section.

Level 69+:
You should start looking for the helm enchant on a high ilvl hubris. You should have your labs up to merciless completed as ascendancies are very important.

Stats to look for are in order of priority:

• Mine damage, Mine laying speed, Area damage.
• Chaos damage, %Maximum ES
• Cast speed, Resists, Dexterity & Strength (For reqs)
Example of my jewels:

Again, it's important to socket in a healthy mind jewel for a massive mana-pool boost.
Very good when using mantle, as well as end-game.


With my current legacy league setup, and 20 wither stacks. My dps is 38,403,471.6

You can see this here if you post this code on path of building, and check my poison damage is 711k per stack, with 54 stacks, it's that number up there.

On lowlife version, we near around 50 million DPS on 20 wither stacks. This is because our poison is at almost 1 million dps, and again, on 54 stacks. You can import this on PoB to see here

Our DPS is actually around ~ 10 million with flasks up, sometimes 20 million with lucky crits, on bosses like shaper.

I also calculated this initially by looking at the shaper video. Shaper has 200 million health and it took roughly 9 seconds to get him to around ~50% health.

With conc (unbuffed):

With Inc AOE:

In my lowlife version I had 8.9k conc and 5.7k inc aoe but with much better gear.

~Note: My ES is around 10.1k with regalia, and 8k with incandescent heart. Remember, heart has just as much effective ES due to defensive bonus it gives.


Legacy league 2.6 (Just as good setup):
Breach league


-LL Variant (Started using) ~ Note: All dps calculations & GIF/Videos were with mantle:

Here's my LL passive tree



Dual consuming are used to convert in total 60% of your fire damage to chaos and allows our chaos damage to poison, they also give decent spell damage.


A high ES hubris with the fire nova mine repeats an additional 2 times enchant is CRUCIAL - I chaosed this one after buying the base with the enchant. The enchant gives us an additional 80% damage from repeating the mines, it is a MASSIVE dps boost.


I really liked this chest ALOT in legacy league, it gives us very high effective survivability whilst still maintaining around 8k-9k ES without that much ES gear. It also gives us nearly as much damage as mantle does due to added extra chaos damage. I will make this my preferred chest for the build. I dropped shaper on a 5-link incand if that tells much.

You could also use a high ES regalia for mapping, to have a bigger ES pool 12-13k:

The damage reduction is not even noticeable against trash/map bosses and it gives us a massive survivability boost.

An even better alternative for the rare chest for mapping is actually going LL and using:

Going lowlife allows us to have way more DPS (more than incandescent/mantle) along with survivability by running arctic armor too. I have 8.6K ES with shavs. Check my gems and gear for lowlife in the gear section above. Only con is that it's over budget.

PS: I actually managed to do a deathless shaper run with this chest at 6k ES:

Gloves & Boots

High ES gloves and boots - Spell damage on gloves is an added bonus. I really like this enchant on boots because it helps us regen mana for boss fights, but the better enchant and the one i've been using for legacy league is 120% crit one, because we have permanent uptime on it :)


Chayula is a must when you have enough ES gear as well as capped resists
Meanwhile, you could use this

An amulet with good ES, strength & dexterity for gem reqs, and resists is recommended.


Rings are very important. % Chaos damage on rings gives us a very good damage boost and % Faster start to ES recharge in combination with Vile Bastion makes us regenerate ES very easily and in short time.

This is very good for certain guardians like chimera where in his smoke phase you can actually have your ES start recharging during the delay between hits, making the fight a lot easier.


Crystal belts OP , nuff said. Mine damage craft is very good as well. Just use a crystal belt xD


Main DPS Setup

6L: Fire nova mine + Added chaos + Void manip + Inc AOE/Conc effect + Minefield + Trap & Mine damage
5L: Drop Void manip.

Added chaos and void manipulation are used to scale chaos damage, minefield for faster placement, and increased area of effect / conc effect for trash or bosses.

P.S: Don't use ele-focus lol.

Totem & PCOC setup

Wither + Spell totem + Minion life + Flame golem

Our spell totem setup is mandatory for trash/bosses as the totem helps us tank/slow down trash and gives us a massive dps boost due to the chaos degen.

CWDT Setup

CWDT + Immortal call + Vortex + Increased duration (I cbf changing colors xD)

I like to have this setup so that I don't get hit much whilst waiting for my mines to detonate, because when they do...everything dies. Temporal chains usually slows things so much that nothing actually hits us, make sure you quality it and level it.

Disc is our aura we start running later on , after we get incandescent heart :) We don't want to be below 30% mana with mantle!

Mobility Setup

Whirling blades + fortify + Faster attacks

I usually use whirling to move around and get a cheeky fortify if i'm skipping trash. You really don't want to whirl into packs though. It only works up to t16 maps xD

Aura Setup

Temporal chains + Blasphemy + Discipline + Enlighten

This is the defensive/offensive setup I use (Because temp chains makes poison last longer). It is a massive defense boost as at high levels monsters won't even have the time to reach you before your massive AOE nova kills them. It also synergizes really well with poison. YOU MUST get 20/20 quality/level temp chains & blasph because the quality on the gems increases the effect by almost 50%. It is very useful for survivability. Also, run enlighten for less mana reserved ^^ I didnt bother cause i'm lazy.

P.S: With healthy mind and 4% reduced mana reserve, you have ~500 mana unreserved, more than enough to run temp/blasph + disc.

Deto mines setup & vaal gems

Deto mines faster casting makes us detonate a tiny bit faster, vaal lightning trap destroys non shock-immune bosses even more. Easy one-shots!



Witchfire brew/Atziri's flask are self-explanatory ( We dual-curse with vuln+temporal).
I use a lavianga's spirit because it's a really good mana flask in general. You can switch out the crit flask for another mana flask if you're still having mana problems, I like to keep it for my shaper runs. A basalt flask is very good for mitigating ranged attacks.

For mapping I like to run a quicksilver flask instead of the crit flask.



FloopiFloop wrote:
i like this build its very fun but can be really squishy
i tried uber atziri at lvl 82 got raked from trio then at lvl 87 nailed it but got a mask then lvl 88 tried shaper and got raked went for uber atziri again and
overwhole its one of the most fun builds ihv ever played and i thought i will hate the mine playstyle but i actualy enjoyed it with this build thanks for sharing it :D

Battosai31 wrote:
Oh man this build is so much fun.

I just killed shapper & ubber atziri. I must say, ubber atziri was a joke, the trash are the hardest part lol.

The dps is so insane ... :)

Thanks a lot !

keep it real, bbybye :)

MachineCTM wrote:
this is the best build ever in the world

Rhareg wrote:

got it!
Im at lvl 73 atm and I melt everything.
Vaal clarity is godlike while mapping, you don't have to worry about mana :D

Alwyle wrote:
Hey ! Quick message to thank you for your build. I was looking for a new gameplay and really like playing this fn miner so far ! Never played trap nor mines before but I am really surprised of how fun it is.

Actually 86, doing well in maps (even if being in melee can be rippy sometimes, but I'm getting used to it and don't die anymore -- almost).

Norm Atiziri was eZ as fuck, need to try uber asap.
Did 90% of the minotaur deathless but died cuz of low mana and empty flasks.
I couldn't do more than 50% on chimera (was cursed with enfeeble..) because it seems that I have troubles sustaining the dash/clouds phase, need to give it another try.

It is actually my first atlas league and I intend to try and kill the other guardians and the shaper with this char, it is actually loads of fun and an interesting gameplay that requires to be reactive and careful.

If I'm getting skyforth by any chance I'd like to try running Blasphemy - Discipline - Enlighten, might be interesting !

My gear, just in case. I don't think that I need any big upgrades yet.


Cheers !

soujv91 wrote:
So, gave this build a try on my 91 Sab in Breach...deff fun! But I simulated the exact same build/gear on an Occultist and it nets me 1.4k ES and ~30%DPS so...Making one xD
THanks for the awesome build!

TeslaTrain wrote:
Level 89, loving this build so far. Very opposite of my Arc Crit Witch.

I have about 8k ES, 831 mana unreserved, 3,686 FNM town DPS with increased AOE (lvl 19 gems no Q), 5815 FNM town DPS with CE.

I removed Vaal Clarity at the moment for Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance and swap in Vaal Clarity occasionally.

My two jewels are double damage mods with faster mine laying and crafted my belt to 10% mine laying speed as well. I need more practice but feel like I'm most vulnerable when trying to get that first mine off in a big room or running around tough bosses.

I'm thinking about removing faster cast/detonate mines as I don't really notice much a difference. I could enlighten for a small mana boost, or put TempChains+Blasphemy and SpellTotem+Whither in one item, I can then increase AOE with Orb of storms along with Culling strike for some easier finishes.

As far as skills go, I'm considering a few routes. My tree is almost the same as yours with the exception of keeping Written in Blood for the extra 15% ES and 10 STR for 2 points. I also haven't got that last increased power charge near the right side jewel.

Options I'm considering -
Abandoning Coordination. Seems like a QOL loss when mapping and whirling around. Keeping at the moment.
Soul Siphon - big mana boost with mana on kill.
Jewel Slot by CI - 3 points for a jewel and 8% mana.
Essence Surge - 4 points is a big drop. Might abandon Written in Blood if I go for more recharge (2x 20% on rings already)
Corruption - top left by curse. 30% dmg + 20% DoT for 3 points.
Abandoning Trickery - Not sure how much crit affects us vs. flat dmg modifiers. Could remove the chain to Trickery and gain 4 total points to add elsewhere. I don't think I'd abandon both Coordination and Trickery because I still want some dex for faster attacks.

I suppose it's balancing survivability, QOL, and damage mods. If Shaper will nuke me in one hit, what would be a good min amount of ES that I could get away with to commit more points towards dmg?

Wanted to open up some discussion on this to see what people think.

Thanks for the build!

Alwyle wrote:
Got my first shaper kill ever (didnt play last season) with my lvl 90 fire nova miner (playing with regalia), thank you !

I didnt nuke him hard enough to skip ad phases, but still did kill him dying only twice at the end of the fight.

i love this build. love love love this build.

zebeee wrote:
Playing that build atm and loving it. Killed all end game bosses without bigger problems. Switched to low life version as well and i enjoy it even more than before. Great work

holy crap 9 seconds? it takes me 9 minutes to kill the shaper.

MusicalMind wrote:
@ lvl 71 the damage already too much lmao :))

bit struggled while leveling but all ci builds have same prb til you change i guess ..:)

Gear so far still i have to do uber lab. btw merci izaro 1 shot :))

Thanks for reading! PLEASE whisper me in-game if you have any questions @ShortOfPerfection

Check out my other build if you're looking for great clear speed :)
[2.5] LL Ele Wander Raider ~ Insane clear speed/Shaper/Guardians - No gem swaps needed

I want to thank MoarPizza for providing the build template
Last edited by Worst_luck on Apr 10, 2018, 9:15:28 PM
Last bumped on Dec 13, 2018, 12:41:22 PM
Looks awesome! Played one 3 Leagues ago wihtout the enchant and the damage was OP - but back then you had 100% chaos conversion ;)

Will try this one again cuz it was a lot of fun to play
Nice build ! I rolled one after seeing your shaper video. Do you think you could show us an uber atziri run if you have the time? Im wondering how you handle trash/trio on this build. Thanks.
What do you think about malachai's vision to sustain your mana better? Also it grants so good es (and es regen).
DeeVee_X_Naix wrote:
Nice build ! I rolled one after seeing your shaper video. Do you think you could show us an uber atziri run if you have the time? Im wondering how you handle trash/trio on this build. Thanks.

I can definitely show you an Uber atziri run when I get the time. Trio are actually one of the easiest bosses. I've only really had trouble with the vaals early on with the build because I can get stunlocked if I don't kill them quickly, but now I can one shot them both before they dig.

Trash is basically just making use of your AOE and never getting hit. You should only really get hit by the ranged chaos statues which aren't a problem at all.
Last edited by Worst_luck on Dec 24, 2016, 5:56:42 AM
KisBali wrote:
What do you think about malachai's vision to sustain your mana better? Also it grants so good es (and es regen).

If you can get the enchant on it, and wear all corrupted items (I don't think i'll ever try to corrupt my 6l mantle) then by all means why not. And to be honest, the mana really isn't really as big of a problem as I made it seem.

The enchant is so important that it really isn't worth fixing an almost no-problem :P
Last edited by Worst_luck on Dec 16, 2016, 9:51:01 AM
I was about to say... Malachi's isn't even a noteworthy choice. On another note, this build looks awesome! It looks really off-meta, and I like off-meta builds. Keep up the good work.

P.S.: Just for the record, please define "budget."
Last edited by Necrophytis on Dec 17, 2016, 4:59:34 AM
Necrophytis wrote:
I was about to say... Malachi's isn't even a noteworthy choice. On another note, this build looks awesome! It looks really off-meta, and I like off-meta builds. Keep up the good work.

P.S.: Just for the record, please define "budget."

Thanks dude! although, in my opinion, this isn't really an off-meta build since it pretty much uses poison which isn't anything new for miners and in general is pretty commonly used in conjunction with other skills to scale insane amounts of damage.

I don't know if I catch what you mean by "define budget" but this build is extremely efficient in cost per damage dealt. There are very few ( if not no) builds out there that can do uber atziri and shaper reliably with just 150-250c, especially at this amount of absurd damage output.
Last edited by Worst_luck on Dec 24, 2016, 5:56:52 AM
Build has finally started to come together for me now, just hit 70, and can feel the damage starting to ramp up. Struggling with playing defensively, it feels like i get stun-locked a bit too easily then it's game over. What would you recommend? Just play slower & place mines further away from big mobs etc? Guessing the goal is to dodge most attacks with movement. Not used to CI, so any tips would be helpful. Cheers
What about stuns?interresting to

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