[3.4.0][Consecrated Path / Reave / BF] [BERS - dual crit] (Uber Elder / Aul / U Atziri - videos)

Zazder wrote:
mahsepp2 wrote:
Pls read 1st post "Skill tree". I published budget variable without atziri acuity (90 100 110 116 points). And another skill tree 116 point if u have atziri acuity.
Just u not see this.
When started new league, i go to budget variable without atziri skill tree, and my skill tree will be published 90 100 110 116 points, where i pick vaal packt.
Pls sry for bad translate, hello yandex translit.

He is saying that on your character sheet your build goes into the shadow area and gets the claw wheel and shadow area stuff but none of the trees linked in the guide do that

Exactly, ty!
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oh, i got about what are you asking.

sry for unEnglish, too sleepe now to translate:

Тебя спрашивают о том, что в этой секции (на скрине) ты залез в область Тени(Shadow), взяв ноды на урон когтями и крит.ноды.

А это не соответсвует билду представленому в заглавном посте, там ты таких резких движений не делал.
u wrong.
I published budget variable and i will on new leage my budget variable skill tree.
My current skill tree on gear - its just experiment. i want try what better for bust my DPS and i search another variable.
So this is a good boss killer, but how does it do in lab?
Maybe grab a coupe endurance charges and a kaom's way to run through traps?
for traps i use immortal call - easy any traps and not need use HP flask :)
amazing... what do you think of using the scourge as weapon?
The scourge weak weap.
Touch of Anguish cheaper and faster and crit base better.
Mb for another builds The scourge better, but for my build - weak weap, rly Touch of Anguish cheaper and better.
Is there any particular reason "Death's Door" crusader boots are listed as required? I don't see how anything besides your particular lab enchant benefit the build much. Is that the only reason, to aim for the lab crit chance enchant?
death's door on start league cost 40-70c, its rly not a lot.
after 4-7 day i equip this boots. Top enchant its 10% penetrate resistans if dont have killed recently.
But why death's door? Because immun bleeding + 1 enduranc charge.

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