[3.4.0][Consecrated Path / Reave / BF] [BERS - dual crit] (Uber Elder / Aul / U Atziri - videos)

added fun video 6kk DPS blade flurry uber atziri and shaper (1st post) - RLY FUN!! :)
a few questions
the mechanics of the skill
Because schism is a skill only using the main hand (right hand) (left hand slot in the inventory), then there must be either a Mace or axe, or staff. My build is based on odnorodnye tobish either Mace or axe. Reference to the type of weapon, the main thing that it was as much physical DPS and the base chance of a critical.
There is another mechanic at the sunder, making it a competitor in quick cleaning locations. It's the size of groups of monsters. Yes, Yes, the sizes of groups of monsters, not dps and not the speed of movement or attack. Because of the sunder, the more worth of monsters next to each other, the faster they will fall. This is the main property by Stripping locations using skill sunder.

A more budget option?
Instead of gloves, Azeri and cool weapons, you can get the catalyst jibade for 1-3 chaos
and to spool the branch to Vaal Pact.

Why [b]sunder?[/b]
When I saw that "changed," then the eyes of my eyes fell significant change in damage for solo purposes in sunder. Namely, the raised base damage as much as 40% for solo purposes. Of course one argument is not enough to choose the spell, but then drops 1 eyes, increase the base damage of many one-handed weapons (mostly maces axes swords), and sunder just use maces / axes. Well then I decided - "we have to try". Besides, sunder has never yielded to any skill on the speed sweep locations, sunder incredible speed Stripping. One of the special characteristics described above about packs of monsters. As sunder has a great advantage, attack range, tobish does not require spending on AOE skills things gems and stuff, because the attack range is fixed, the barrage switches target automatically at the same distance.
For example, even if you accidentally flew past packs of monsters and stand back on them, then you do not have to move the cursor in their direction, just prozhat attack skill and it will automatically unfold to them that well, just great-comfortable.

before acuity u can use
, well, or something like that.

off hand
i using off hand for buff, depends on what method of travel you have chosen, if its leap slam, then u can used next

well, but if u chose whirling blades, then u can used rapier/dagger that have very good AS and global bonus.

lvl'ing / or how fast upped lvl and equip
Some tips to LVL 60, weapon - you can wear a "brightbeak" with LVL 20, fastest one-handed Mace.

After 56 lvl u can used death's hand.

From the helmet to the depths you can wear any rarco. Bots also any Raku (movement speed in boots do not care). I know that at LVL 50-60 there are always problems with the intelligence to use skills. This question is solved very easily, go to poe.trade, enter the category of "amulet", only wrote 2 lines "to intelligence" from 55 "to maximum life" of 0, and maximum required LVL (your LVL).
Well, the price tag is a maximum of 1 chaos. After you have found the charms, click 1 time on "to maximum life", then you will become the sort starting with the highest HP in the amulet and Nishizawa. But they are at 1x.
For leveling up to LVL 29 I plan to use this skill

Till LVL 60 you can use any AOE Skil miles, such as a concussion or sunder or lacerate, or Reeve, and others. Gear up to LVL 60 I plan to carry which will fall under the arm. Once you got to the 4th act of the last difficulty, then you have prescribed to 81 LVL, you'll be stuck exactly on the lake, up to LVL 81, but not to run solo - no no no vkoem case in solo. You come to the Board and go to any party of 3+ Tselikov, the main thing that the party was Drnik of faster - tobish one who very quickly makes a circle, your job is simply to run a tail and gain experience. And then somewhere at LVL 75 you already own can also show off, to collect his party and carry them along, as well narasa circles until apnea 81 LVL.
You can use many different skills, for example

Why party? That's simple until you are weak at LVL 60, it's easier to you someone shabby. When you already own can kramsat about just at LVL 75, then of course you would be better of with someone running around below your LVL, because you would like take away a small % of the experience, accordingly, you will swing faster to 81. That's the whole secret. And at LVL 81 you are already on easy can farm lab third difficulty doing full keys and abaete currency.
The first thing you need to farm for 5L belly of the beast, or at least prorock 5L (it's cheaper), then buy more or less decent Bijou 2-3 chaos (I know from experience that it is possible to find less regulations and physical damage and HP and cuts).
Tobish you do not have to save from the abyss, no sink.
Then you can farm and uber up the lab and run in pati on medium galleries starting with T7+

On that first save?

Well, first of all I'll save on any 5 link rags, if only by color high fit (3 red 2 blue).
The second thing is more or less decent, jewelry and a belt.
And only in the third turn I'll save up for the abyss.
Then the shock, or from 5 links or net + prorock 5 link.
Well, then it was gone :)

Equity build?
At the time of writing the build (30.03.2017) here the value of things what I'm wearing:
mace: 45c

abyssus: 50c

off hand: 5c

kaom's roots: 5c

atziri's acuity: 10 ex

belt: 25c

ring #1: 40c

coil 6L: 6 ex

ring #2: 30c

amulet: 1 ex + 46c

jewel #1: 10c

jewel #2: 35c

jewel #3: 5c

Total cost build: 250c + 17,5 ex


Mandatory gear:

my current gear

As you can see, gems are mainly focused on the increase in attack speed main hand.


mu current link sunder

And the sixth heme can put any gem good dps increase, I did not come up except him

links №1
this is our main way of moving and imposing fortifications on themselves

links 2
why cwdt? Because during the fight with the bosses or for example in a large pack of mobs, Golem die very often - and to recall it in the mill, is very difficult, it is at such moments - he called, same thing with the call in hand, you can not make prozhat it, for example if you beat the reflekt.
And here at molten shell? The answer is simple, the shell is activated already at the time of the strike, ie the blow will be softer because of the armor given by the armor.
This whole bunch cwdt need LVL 20.

links 3
why call it manually and not cwdt? hammer shaper, fist of dominos, hammer Waal barefoot, fist of the butcher trap in the lab - all this in easy it can be controlled in manual, cwdt doesn't help you here. Yes, Yes, 1 call in the manual, the second in cwdt because the situations are different.

the gems that you may not connect at all with anything


clаss аnd bаndits

1) +40 HP
2) +8% attack speed
3) +passive point
1) War Bringer - so, bye bye mana flasks.
2) Pain Reaver - so, u can use both auras.
3) Aspect of Carnage

skill tree

If you do not have the intellect even with an amulet of intelligence (see above), the Central slot is for the gem you can put the gem transforming force in intelligence.
PLEASE BE CAREFUL - branch is composed by the number of points taken, not by LVL.
20 points (+ 1st bandits quest)
40 points
60 points (1st lab + 2nd bandits quest)
80 points (2nd lab)
90 points (3rd lab)
100 points (last lab)
110 points
and and game branch with acuity.
my current skill tree 90 lvl


how used Path of Exile calculate - MaHsepp
My stream u can watching here twitch.tv
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added video [2.4.2] BLADE FLURRY budget weapon (330 pDPS 8 ex cost) non atziri acuity - easy shaper kill
спасибо за бюджетный вариант
LOL, life build tanking the shaper lazer and vortex without vinktar, LOVE IT.
awesome build bro!
Champion Tauntbot support : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2093582
Nice build!

Would u be so king as to make tree for dagger?
TImezone: GMT +1 EU
I have an Alien pet.
varunastra its weap only for leveling - because not a lot price.
But have low crit base chance and attack speed, because only leveling.

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