This week's episode of Build of the Week features maddognils' Assassin that uses two Cospri's Malices to carve his way through enemies with a tempest of cold skills.

For more information about this build, check out maddognils' full guide here. If you'd like to submit your own build for an upcoming episode, just post a build guide in the class forums!
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Grinding Gear Games
sweet vid as always bex :D
LUL stay mad Wormblaster fans. No build of the week for you :D

Nice build overall ! Like this more than the discharge version.
Best build of all time!

Nerf incoming!!!

also any info on 2.4.2 ? 2.5 ? 3.0 ?

cmon :(
IGN : FireHC
Last edited by Achilion on Oct 26, 2016, 7:15:29 PM
And some of the community was expecting the wormblaster to make it to BOTW....actually this botw is legit. Nicely done.

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