[2.5] CoC Vortex Elementalist *Insane dps* 2-3 shot Guardians - Shaper down! [Video Inside]

so we just need legacy pyre...
RIP English :D
GMT +4
So this build still viable after 2.6 changes?, i'm really interested...
which changes should i make?
So, wouldn't the Three Dragons Mask work well here with the pyre nerf?

hey guys, i use cold to fire instead of inc area of effect but still cool (didnt tried above t12 yet and merci izaro was ez )

7k7 es at lv79 (somes es nodes missing) and 26k on vortex ho with 2 golems

do you think its still vaible for hgh end game ? shaper etc ?

ty btw i still die when frozen by seawitches or cycloning and hittin a rock on ground then ll stop and i die..
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