[2.5] CoC Vortex Elementalist *Insane dps* 2-3 shot Guardians - Shaper down! [Video Inside]

SuperCrap wrote:
Hi. Thank you for this build. I really enjoy the videos and playstyle. Havent tried it myself yet. Would you recommend it even for legacy league start? Or would the progress be too slow because of lack of currency?

We need to wait for a 2.6 patch notes, probably they (GGG) can nerf us :( I see really heavy chance to get Pyre nerfed. Also, Area skills & other things..

But technically, with a bit of luck & currency, this build can be used from league start.
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SuperCrap wrote:
Hi. Thank you for this build. I really enjoy the videos and playstyle. Havent tried it myself yet. Would you recommend it even for legacy league start? Or would the progress be too slow because of lack of currency?

I dont think this is a very good starter build, you need a lot of items and currency investment to get it to a level where it feels good, also ggg is hinting a potential pyre nerf so im not sure how viable this build will be after 2.6 but Ill look into it after the patch notes.
Is Shavs absolutely required? I have a with vortex trapper right now and I am trying to think of another build after the patch update.

I have a 700ES 5L chest right now and If that is useable, I will only need to purchase a dagger + shield to make this build work.
drocksmash wrote:
Is Shavs absolutely required?

x2 burning damage on LL with Pain Att. passive skill. You still can play this build in CI, if you don't care about such dps loss, but Guardians (and other tough things like Shaper & Uber Atziri) will be much a more tough. Everything else (like T16 bosses) will die in one-shot even in CI..

PS: And Shav. must be a 6L in order to archive such results.
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Pyre: Cold Damage converted to Fire Damage mod reduced to 40%.

Well.. this build is ruined in current state. Not even 50%, 40.. :(

UPS: Probably two rings is still be suitable, but we loose 20% of damage and one curse from ring..
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I wanted to play this build, buy pyre nerf ( its all?
Guys the pyre nerfed caused a substantial damage nerf, the only way to overcome this is most likely to use dual pyres and skip a curse or the gem which provides least dps to a Cold to Fire Support, but at this point it might be more convenient to end up self casting - I can update the passive tree if anyone still wants to play this build.
Why not use Hrimburn gloves to ignite (frees up 1-2 ring slots at the cost of gloveslot and no need to use cold to fire gem, even if it is as good as lvl 3 empower)? Only fire dmg nodes on tree you would normally get are heart of flame (can get witch and shadow start nodes instead for example and go for zealoths oath + crit nodes there). All elemental dmg and spelldmg still doubledips this way plus you can use herald of ice 4L for a fun "frost nuke" kinda clearbuild (or just get ele prolife from elementalist)? EE also still works because of the cold aoe dot from vortex?

Would love to discuss this since I want to try it, vortex mtx and herald of ice gloom mtx looks so good ;D

My tree would look something like this (open in 2.6 offline tree planner or Path of Building)


Going for ZO cuz 6.7% es regen per sec with just shavs revelation and tree

Not going for templar AoE atm since I feel no need with HoI chain reactions, if it feels too bad I will respec into it though.

TLDR: I see no problem, use Hrimburn gloves, dont get fire or cold dmg nodes only ele/spelldmg? What are your thoughts?
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I've been thinking about this as well but others seem to think that hrimburn will be the same as sorrow which would murder EE. I've been playing with the idea of double pyre. Sure you loose out on 20% dmg but in the shadow tree I feel like you can make up for it from all the trap damage boosts. Dbl pyre gives a bunch to extra burning as well the one downside is the loss of the extra curse. But like you are saying the hrimburn would resolve that to a certain degree

Interested in this as well. Way I see it, there's a ton of options still after Pyre nerf.

1. Dual Pyres, lose 20% and a curse
2. 3 Dragons, loses huge ES from helmet tho
3. Hrimburn, loses less ES than helmet but still some
4. Avatar of Fire. Either combined with 1 Pyre, or with cold 2 fire gem. Loses EE

My head is spinning from all the options :D

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