[2.5] BSC - ComeBack is Real - CI Quad Curse Kitava Occultist Blade Vortex / Shaper Down w/ Video

Hey Maggothero, I am really enjoying the build and am progressing ay level 80 now. When are you going to post an Atziri run? Hoping to learn from you how to go about it.

Thanks for a great build!
Just passing by to say that this build is looking good for me so far. Just hit 70 with very suboptimal gear, only 4.9k ES and not even maxed resists yet but ran a t10 map like it was a walk in the park lol
Hey there, got an armour that suits it coulours, but it doesnt fit with ES in the build, but take a look at this, it has +1 to socketed gems. Maybe alternative for life based version? :)
Anyway if some1 would like it, i can resell it to you.
very very strong build.

i did t15 dark woods no deaths until boss with this build, you can really do anything this game throws at you.

did normal atziri with ease for my first kill too. don't have the parts for uber yet.

how are you squeezing more dps out of the build? my BV is only around 7k
t13 high gardens corrupted double unqiue boss unid'd map:

wimpy_tuna you need to level up all of the gems to get the higher damage.
what is your bv dps?
my first uber lab attempt ever:


16 mins, missed a few keys but i just wanted to finish and get my ascendencies :D
got the 100% increased chaos golem buff from uber lab today on helm, going to stick with the little golem and keep myself super tanky :P dropped abyssal cry for golem
Do you switch to blade vortex after hitting lvl 62?

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