[2.5] BSC - ComeBack is Real - CI Quad Curse Kitava Occultist Blade Vortex / Shaper Down w/ Video

Hop3z wrote:
Can't seem to access poeplanner.com. Internet provider has it blocked as Malware. Anyone mind taking a screen shot of all the skill trees for me? Thanks in advance!

OP skill tree lv.30:

OP skill tree lv.60:

OP skill tree lv.70:

OP skill tree lv.91:


Skill tree I use at lv.95:

OP picked up +2 skill points and +5% cast speed from Bandits, I took +3 skill points.
Lab pick up order: Wicked Ward, Profane Bloom, Malediction, Void Beacon

I used slightly different paths on my skill tree. Didn't take extra Mana nodes, spent one extra node to get +10% ES instead of +10 Int for single point. Used extra nodes for +Spell node, +Jewel socket and ES% nodes.

PS: I hope I didn't goofed up for when I recreated his skill trees.
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After some test using this build, sadly there is a real difference btw 5L and 6L. It should be imo explained in the build detail.

im lv 76 with this build, 5L.
So basically you can't get the benefit of Kitava's Thirst without adding Voidbringer gloves. Problem the mana cost become way too high for the mana pool of this character. 134 mana to cast Blade vortex and 3/4 of it is reserved for the 2 auras (discipline and warlord).
In other word you can't use Blade vortex as his full capability (you're run oom before stacking it).

Maybe it's possible to fix it with more levels and some mana pool talent idk, gonna test.
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Doesn't seem worth the hassle and reduced quality of life increasing mana usage just to auto cast those curses. You could just put them on a cwdt setup and have it cast that way and it's probably just as good giving you better options for weapon and helm.
big thx for an amazing build to play!
I love it so much.
playing slowly in standard
big ups
my gear

character TILTwitchy
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Can this build work without energy from within? Im nowhere close to having that much currency...
any suggestion how to increase dps from BV? When im playing in party with 2-3 ppl i'm feeling lack of insta dps. i should look for increase phys + increase spell damage?

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