[2.5] BSC - ComeBack is Real - CI Quad Curse Kitava Occultist Blade Vortex / Shaper Down w/ Video

I've tried minotaur today after patched, It's still viable but take longer to kill the boss. You need to add more spell dmg to the build to make it more stronger. I try dropping apep and change to rare wand with high spell dmg and use Fevered mind instead.

Well not much viable suggestions, finaly rerolled entirely my tree to WI wich won't be likely nerfed before next league since it's not a bug :D

Thanks for sharing your build Maggothero, had a lot of good times with it :)
Hf :)
I tried to run Flameblast Totems begin of the season but the build seemed to be too fragile and playing with didn't feel fun enough for me. I had so fun with this build at the previous season so I decided to build this one again. After rolling back to this build, playing started to be fast and fun once again. Breaches feels like a joke with this build.

I just managed to upgrade my build from Quad Curse into Penta Curse. Not sure if the 5th Curse is worth it or not. Decided to try Poacher's Mark as my 5th Curse. Tried out Atziri (died couple of times) and went single portal on Hydra map (had one elemental damage modifier). Hydra fight took maybe like 5-7 minutes or something.

Thanks again for posting this build, Maggothero.

My current gear:

12,239 buffed ES
75/75/76/100 Resists
2,037 unbuffed tooltip DPS
Maggothero wrote:
xBeWarned wrote:
It still works ladies, calm down. Sure it's not game breaking strong anymore, it doesnt trivialize boss fights that are supposed to be somewhat difficult, but it still VERY viable.

How is it now is the dmg output still viable for bosses?

I am lvl 91 using this build. i have cleared all maps up to the t16 guardians. i am trying to figure out a way to do those, maybe drop poison for controlled destruction? I dropped core malachai last night, i dropped Vaal Temple bosses last night. build is still very much alive. I sit at 12.1K ES with Discipline.

Current Gear:

i use energy from within, and 4 spell dmg/ES jewels
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I can't use Vortex cause it's laggin my PC ... what should I use? I think about Arc to boost my blade vortex dmg. What do you think?
hi there =)

Do you think I can go with Obliteration instead of a shield ? I mean for maping and get an extra DMG on trash mobs for fast clean ?

have a nice day =)
Is it possible if I can use vortex as the main damaging tool on the chest instead of blade vortex?[/spoiler]
Great build, even though we got the BV nerf/fix early on the season. I've been running this build on last 2 leagues and I like how laid-back it is to play with this build. Pop Discipline and Warlord's Mark and you're good to go. No need to pop multiple different skills because Kitava pops most of them for you. I've already suggested this build for half a dozen person who asked some casual friendly build to play. I was running slightly different version that what OP posted, but I had nothing too radical changes.

I got 3 skill points from Bandits instead of 2 skill points and +Cast Speed%.
I was running different skill gem links.
I used a bit different paths on skill tree.
I was running 5 Curses instead of 4. 5th Curse gave me Frenzy Charges, Cast Speed and more gained Flask Charges.
I wish I had got +BV Duration mod on my Kitava, but I can't complain.

My shield <3

At one point, I was testing dropping 5th Curse and got Freeze Immune ring and Taste of Hate but I hated the fact I couldn't get immune to Chill with that setup. Also, ring with "Gain mana when taking damage" implicit mod helped A LOT when doing Cannot Leech/No Mana Regen/Hex proof maps. They were slightly slower to do, but most of the times I hadn't any problems with them. Physical reflect was also doable but had to be really careful, especially if I didn't had enough flask charges remaining.

15 429 ES
519 Int / 168 Dex / 157 Strenght
75/75/76/100 Resists (106%/82%/81%/-53%)
3187,2 tooltip DPS

PS: @Maggothero, please add me on the first post as one of the guy's who have played this build and commented about it.
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do you guys think that this build can be good as next league starter? :)
Can't seem to access poeplanner.com. Internet provider has it blocked as Malware. Anyone mind taking a screen shot of all the skill trees for me? Thanks in advance!

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