[2.6]RighteouSplosion Juggernaut


This is a build guide for my RighteouSplosion Juggernaut(part of the RigheouSplosion Sixpack)
It uses the essence league mechanics to make righteous fire far more powerful than it was before by adding burst damage while keeping the cyclone life on hit and Elemental Equilibrium benefits of non-caster righteous fire


Legacy League
Most of the information in this update is also in a VIDEO
This build has been buffed quite substantially by the area of effect changes from 2.6, additionally I have substituted the following pieces in the Legacy Hardcore character:

I am using a +3 unset ring with a level 20 Purity of Fire as this was the cheaper option over using a level 21 purity of fire in a +2 ring(The Pariah or a rare +2 unset can be used in this scenario)

I am using The Formless Inferno as it allows for really high armour values with limited gear and passive investments, since we are already using Purity of Fire this is a win-win for us

The only issue with using The Formless Inferno has been that I had to buy a 29 chaos Essence of Delirium as opposed to the far cheaper Essence of Horror that can be used on helms, a positive side effect of this is that crafted life on gloves is closer to the best life you can get on gloves than it is on helms, overall this was a positive change for those who can afford it.

Using a Lightning > Fire Avian Twins amulet has resulted in me not needing to use Purity of Lightning even on double elemental labyrinth days, it effectively boosts our Lightning resistance when we boost our fire resistance, also allowing for a ruby flask to boost our effective Lightning resistance when necessary, during Talisman I used this and it is incredibly powerful.

Blood of the Karui is pretty much the most powerful healing flask in the game apart from the fact that it has less uses than a regular eternal life flask, nevertheless I have been using it.

A regular ruby flask is being used as "The Dying Sun" just didn't seem worth the investment given the new AoE adjustments, this also allows us to roll curse/bleed removal on it and maybe skip using Death's Door if we so choose.

A full breakdown on my gear and passives


This is also available on Pastebin for use with Path of Building


"Video Guide"
Will it work in 2.5/Breach?


This is a standard run-of-the-mill righteous fire juggernaut with some essence jooce to make it all the more powerful.

We use Righteous Fire as our main method for dealing with Trash and our cyclone to proc Elemental Equilibrium as well as proc our splosions(Essence of Hysteria) while at the same time healing us a lot via Life Gained on Hit and keeping our fortify up

The Juggernaut's main role in the RighteouSplosion Sixpack is taking on content such as Atziri and Uber Labyrinth farming, my testing has managed to survive all setups of Izaro at maximum buffs with double Elemental damage buffs proving the most dangerous(this is what was being cleared in the preview video) as such should probably not be attempted in hardcore, any setup of speed/regular damage buffs proved completely insignificant and only changed the speed of completion.

+ Incredibly tanky at max endurance charges
+ You are likely to not die if you turn away for a second.
+ reasonably cheap to gear


- Feels slow in parties
- Not as fast as the current "meta" builds
- its extensive use of essences can make it vulnerable to the economic shifts.



Ascendancy Points: Unflinching, Unrelenting, Unyielding, Undeniable

Bandits:Help Oak, Kill, Help Oak


You can choose to level as melee or some form of fire caster, whichever you are most comfortable with

Don't be shy to pick up appropriate damage/life nodes on the path if you feel they are necessary, you can always respec some later.

Once you have the 69 tree, a Rise of the Phoenix and your Essence crafted weapon you can go for righteous fire.


We are looking for the fastest route to some life, armour, endurance charges and regen while also picking up some efficient accuracy and attack speed nodes to go with our Undeniable ascendancy passive so that we can gain a lot more life per hit and proc our Splosion more often, lastly since the juggernaut has some extra effect for fortify we grab the fortify effect nodes beneath the duelist for a whopping 40% increased effect of fortify, taking it from 20->28% damage reduction, the elemental damage reduction from Unrelenting apparently stacks additively with fortify giving us 36% elemental damage reduction to hits.


Jewels with life wherever we can fit them.





We use Witchfire Brew for that extra damage over time as well as the removal of the need to run a blasphemy.

We use 2 life flasks for healing, I prefer non-instant for RF because of our large life pool.

Additional Utility flasks can include Dying Sun(Expensive and not required) and Quicksilver/Basalt/Ruby/Granite flasks depending on content and preference.



This is where our splosions come from, we use Essence of Hysteria on a Karui Sceptre for its attack speed and hope to get attack speed while praying we don't get any form of flat fire damage although other flat elemental damages help proc EE.

Rise of the Phoenix

A massive help to our efforts to sustain Righteous Fire and also reasonably cheap.

Alternatively if you don't mind degenerating a bit when your endurance charges are down you can use a regular armour shield with life and the Leo crafted Reduced Damage taken from Damage over time, though this can get expensive.


A standard Armour helm with life and resists.


A high armour chest with nice life and resists, I like and Astral Plate for this, 4l is required though 5 and 6 links both add meaningful supports


We craft an Essence of Delirium onto a pair of crusader gloves hoping for no life rolls below 60 and no flat fire damage while also hoping we have an open prefix to mastercraft life, the reason we choose gloves over helm on this version of the character is that gloves cannot roll as much life as helms therefore making them slightly easier to craft overall in my opinion.


armour boots with movement speed, resistances and life.

Death's Door is also a decent option if you feel the need for another endurance charge, I prefer rare boots on this one.


A Marble amulet with life and resists as well as hopefully some dexterity to make sure we can equip high level faster attacks


Kaom's Way for the extra endurance charge and regen.

You can use a rare ring with life/dex/resists or if you have a level 21 purity of fire you can opt for The Pariah to give you 5% max fire resist.


+1 endurance charge life and resists, the endurance charge isnt necessary but it is worth the trade if you have the currency.

LINKS AND GEMS(in order of priority)

6L -> Cyclone, Blood Magic, Fortify, Life Gain on Hit, Faster Attacks, Increased Area of Effect
Weapon -> Controlled Destruction, Iron Will, Fire Penetration(these will support our splosion)
Shield -> Leap slam, Faster Attacks, Blood Magic
Gloves -> Righteous Fire, Elemental Focus, Increased Burning Damage, Increased Area of Effect(swap in Conc for bosses)
Helm -> Cast when Damage Taken(Level 10), Chaos Golem(Level 12), Enduring Cry, Blood Rage(Level 12)
Boots -> Cast when Damage Taken(Level 1), Vortex(Level 1), Blade Vortex(Level 1), Purity of Fire(or Increased Duration if using The Pariah)

Aura Setup

Purity of Fire and Determination are used for more max fire res and more armour


We have a Chaos Golem on CWDT which basically adds another endurance charge worth of physical reduction

Alternative Ascendancies


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Video guide is up!
i love this build its awesome but why dont you use doryanis sceptere
Trancid wrote:
i love this build its awesome but why dont you use doryanis sceptere

because the power of the splosions from the Essence of Hysteria craft on the weapon are exponentially more powerful than any other weapon boosts i've tried.

its insane, just try it :)
if i dont have the ring the paraith sould i just use a rare then
Trancid wrote:
if i dont have the ring the paraith sould i just use a rare then

Yes, a rare ring with life and resists will work just fine, on the juggernaut the most you lose is 1 max fire res so it should be barely noticeable

Edit: the pariah really only makes a difference if you have a level 21 purity of fire.
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Added Conclusion video.
Should work for 2.5/Breach!
Added some updated information pertaining to Legacy!

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