Sales of the Darkness Mystery Box ended about a month ago and it was a huge success. We'd like to thank you for your continuous support. We're also happy to announce that the non-exclusive microtransactions from the Darkness Box are now available in our store! This includes the Gloom Armour Set and its individual pieces, the Obsidian Seraph Armour Set and its individual pieces, Gloom Wings Back Attachment and the Gloom Herald Effect.

Usually, the individual pieces of an armour set cost more than buying the whole pack all together. Some people may have received only a few pieces of these sets from the Darkness Mystery Box so to make it as fair as possible for everyone, the individual pieces of the sets have been temporarily discounted to match the cost of buying the complete armour set. Players can complete their sets without being at a disadvantage for having purchased pieces through the mystery boxes.

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Grinding Gear Games
GGG delivers once again! :>
- DzSz's Pillar :
Gloom Wings look awesome imo. :D
Just upgraded to Chimera Supporter so I could get me some Gloom Wings!
IGN: DabrixRN
Omg i love this! Been waiting for soo long :)
hell yeah, dem wings
Fcken bs this shoud be exclusive only for pple like me who riped 4k pts to get em on misery box
Finally my gloom wings!!
IGN: JerleExpedition
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Obsidian Seraph Pack
Contains the Obsidian Seraph Body Armour, Helmet, Boots and Glove armour skins (at a discounted price).

No it doesn't. It contains the Obsidian Seraph Body Armour, Helmet, Boots and Glove armour skins (at a non-discounted price).

1x Obsidian Seraph Body Armour = 200
1x Obsidian Seraph Boots = 60
1x Obsidian Seraph Gloves = 60
1x Obsidian Seraph Helmet =100
Total = 420
Same price as the pack.

Pretty poor form there, GGG! I'm going to assume it was just a maths fail, a display fail, or a copy-and-paste fail, but still I hope it gets fixed soon now that you are aware of it.

PS: Same goes for the other armour pack, just checked it.

Edit: According to the patch notes, "The individual pieces of the armour sets are temporarily discounted so that people can finish their sets". So the issue is just that the individual items are also at a discounted price. Still I think it's pretty misleading.
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