The Atlas of Worlds Supporter Pack Cloth Map

Does it come with a new girlfriend?
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ok......not bad. but,when will we get a in-game tool to manage our atlas (find maps) ?
wouldn't that be more useful ?

have fun
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Ok, but what about Atlas be useful for something on PoE?

It looks beautiful, I love when I press "G" inside game to check my Atlas progress. The Idea is great.
However, unfortunately for now it is a completly useless feature.

Dropped 1k maps already since league started, NEVER +1 tier. (That's everything what atlas do, or at least, SHOULD DO).
So can anyone please tell me what REALLY Atlas added to the game? I can't see any change.
Also, I keep starving out of good maps after reach level 90+ just like always.

Give a whole +1 tier drop chance is so small and silly bonuses to call it "end game improvements".
Actually, nothing changed.
Patch 2.3 and previous patchs = Almost killed myself rolling Gorge/Arid Lake over and over again without red maps.
Patch 2.4 = Almost killing myself rolling Pier/Crypt over and over again without any good red maps.

I feel like Atlas have so much potention, it can be really GREAT one day in PoE. It need A LOT of improvements to become really interesting.

The way it is now, Atlas is so fun or useful like PvP.
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FunFair wrote:
It look so cool!! But who would use it to clean stuff tho XD

Now if it was a D3 one, I would buy it just to wipe my ass.
Dammit :) 110$ more down the drain. Why do I do this? :D

Also, I would love a Map-stash tab like the one for Currency.
Currently I'm using about 40 stash tabs for Maps on Standard.
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no thx ...still going to use my GPS instead....nice tho i guess
That's so nice!!

How about making it a towel? As a beach towel would be awesome!!
And here I thought cloth maps died when EA shut down Origin Systems and the Ultima series.

Nice to see you guys keeping the dream alive!
Atlas is nice but essences are useless and boring as f...!
Playing marauder @ Hardcore leagues

Cleaning maps :D

Is there any option to buy it without supporter pack?
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