The Atlas of Worlds Supporter Pack Cloth Map

I really want this... But too expensive. >_<
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Send me a PM on here, I check it all the time :)
I can't wait for the map!!!!!!
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Cleaning an object of ancient your grandpa's backside BADUMBUM TSSSS!
Can't wait to get mine :D
Free Master Crafting Service (Breach): thread/1797112
Free Master Crafting Service (Essence): thread/1744527
Free Master Crafting Service (Legacy): thread/1857272
Free Master Crafting Service (Harbinger): thread/1952418
Please give us the exact dimensions so we can buy a frame for it :)
Randall Flagg
looking forward to it
Only the Atlas Map deserved the leetest of news.
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Planning to get the pack, was planning on putting it on my wall, right behind me for dem swags. :P
But for that usage, it is kinda small. Probably getting it anyways, but was wondering if you were considering something along the lines of "flags", kind of stuff you can get from bands in their merch booths. They are usually quite big (big enough to be used as a coat, lol), and look very cool on a wall. I'd love to see something like that in the future! :D
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Ancient artifacts? Yeh, gotta clean those. :^)
I need it...
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