Atlas of Worlds Fan Art Competition

jackyan wrote:
daddy spending time with his dear daughter

since when have zana been a crack heroine addict
LKChiara wrote:
My entry:

Primordial Pool.

Really couldn't resist the joke.

Had some fun painting Malachai, though I'm sure I dislocated his hips several times, so thanks for the opportunity! The colour scheme was a bit of a challenge – I really like the colour scheme of the Primordial Pool map so of course I wanted to echo it, which is why I decided against magenta for Malachai's... gills (actually, what are those things?).

Saw some really cool things so far. I'm looking forward to what else people come up with until the deadline.

Malachai chilling in a pool with some drinks. It's like best thing ever.

Let me improve your art a bit

Here we go.
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I threw the kitchen sink at this drawing, to make something worthy of the Atlas expension.
I don't know if i succeeded, but i hope the good people of PoE will appreciate it :)

Hereby i'd like to thank GGG for making the Atlas of Worlds update for us, in my sixteen months of PoE it has been one of the, if not the best things added to the game. To be perfectly honest i should've made at least a dozen drawings, of maps, of bosses, of all four guardians, the Shaper who i am growing more and more fond of; and who knows what else.
But since i work very slowly, i picked only one subject, the Minotaur and a Duelist seeking to challenge him.

And a bigger version, if need be:

Good luck everyone :>

(P.S. LKChiara i loved your Izaro merchandise shop, and this new painting is equally adorable :D)
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Hi guys C:
Great pictures 'til now *-* Like them so much!

Buuut.... I did it again. D: Another Contest - another picture :3
It's just a "little" pencil drawing, but I had a lot of fun painting this... :)
Here we go:

The Shaper and his 4 Guardians of the Void

Link for better quality of the whole picture

And a CloseUp for the 'details':

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture ._. but i am a noob at Photoshop and so meeh~
Hope you like it. :3
Bring down the dark regime, I know how to unleash eternal power.
Lead us to order. I am the Lightbringer!
After week of carving i can finally submit my entry.

Hand carved and hand printed linoart.

Shaper and his friends.

B&W version

Making of

Carved out linoleum covered in paint


Some test copies

Copies drying up

My crazy face
POE wall clock :)

tr0 wrote:
POE wall clock :)

Damn, it's already Bazaar past Arcade! I got to hurry

Drew a scene inspired by the memory fragment, memory of wonder!

Good luck to all participating.

Link to image

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(Zoom In the original image)


Maps detail:

Original image:

Edit: Reshaped the image a bit. It's now 5 tiers higher.
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lowgrasswhite, that's so cool! I've been looking forward to your piece and am not disappointed. : D
(Also, I'm familiar with the feeling of wanting to make tons of drawings -- Oak and his bandit buddies playing dice by the campfire, Suncalled Asha gardening, Tunneltrap surprising random exiles... -- but not having the time for it. Though doing lots of drawings increases speed a lot, but it's not like I'm just being selfish and would love to see more of your drawings or something ; D)

Also, people who posted so far, I'm amazed at the variety in media people chose to make cool stuff with.

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