[2.4] THOR'S RAINBOWNUKE: RIP to GGG Designing for Xbox One

Playing this on my level 80 marauder, and it deals tons of damage... but I die really quickly. I imagine this will change once I get further down into the skill tree? Can someone take a peek at my gear and offer some advice as well? It looks like everyone is somehow regenerating their energy shield on hit (or consistently), but I can't with mine until after I am not in combat.

edit: figured it out... I wasn't using Ghost Reaver. Not dying nearly as much now!
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Is there a certain order gems (arc, lightning penetration, and discharge) in Mjolner? I remember there was before but not sure if it still qualifies now.
Hello !!

thanks for your guide its very good !
But if i can say, why do keep lightning strike with minotaur ? you can facetank easy on him with molten strike, i just did it like that.

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Well it seems that Mjolner has received another nerf with its internal skill cooldown being raised from 100ms to 250ms. This is gonna mostly hurt this builds single target damage even further (when you remove arc). I expect it to remain fairly the same for generic map clearing.
This basically killed mjolner. You can clear maps with arc. No need for mjolner, volls, kings etc... The game is about killing the bosses. And we can forget that now.
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This build is dead. It was already close to life support and only being kept alive by lots of investment in passive tree and gear. The recent nerfs should finish the job GGG started a while back to make Mjolner unplayably bad.

I won't be playing this build anymore and may move on to other games; GGG's design over the past year doesn't make any sense to me and this game no longer provides long term incentive to play, in my opinion.

Feel free to PM me with build questions but I likely won't be on much anymore.
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Why does the item even exist anymore ? Just delete it from the game.
tackle70 wrote:
This build is dead.

Ryce247 wrote:

Have to confirm the damage feels absolute garbage. Tried it a Juggernaut crit version, even with this gear wasteland voll took 30 seconds to kill.
This RT version might feel a little better but it's just not worth the invesment anymore.

Very sad to see that my all time favourite build has been killed. :(

Rest in peace Mjölner builds 1.2 - 2.5
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Are there any current builds that this build could easy be converted to? Like different weapon and skills used but keep the path-tree and armors mostly unchanged? o_O
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If they wanted to reduce discharge rate for performance reasons, they should have removed the "35% less damage if triggered" mod on discharge to compensate.

Perhaps they will fix it next league.
Hoping it will be playable again in the future.

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