[3.7] SC/HC - ED/Blight Trickster - Up to 10k eHP, Layered Defense, 3m DPS

How did you rip?
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im new to ES builds, my record was 65 with wild strike champion, now im 60 in essence hc, can you tell me how do you deal with physical reduction when you play hybrid es/evasion or ci in general because you have 0 armour from gear and 20% reduction from flask doesnt seem like much
the way I play it, my defense comes mainly from curses + evasion. My philosophy is that I should survive at least 1 hit (seems not) with 11-12k ES. Don't get hit, don't take damage, regen a lot, everything is fine.

Take a marauder in comparison. A tanky melee character might have about 7k hp. The high ES pool in itself provides a very strong defense. It all comes down to personal preference. I like 5 utility flasks, so I play CI/LL casters.
Sorry for your rip bro, was often checking your profile for updates or new ideas :/

I got two questions i hope you will give me your thoughts about it ;)

1. What do you think about Whirling Blades+Faster Attacks in main setup and flame dash on 2nd?
You're movement speed should be faster and you could still port over edges

2. Thinking about buying a witchfire potion too since you made the change, but shouldnt your average clear speed be higher with perma vulnerability
arctic armour vs another defense potion is a matter of preference i guess, but im wondering why you prefer the burst of witchfire pot vs perma more dmg

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With my flask nodes, I have 100% uptime on flasks while clearing maps, so in effect, it is the same as having the tri-curse in your heretics.

I don't use whirling blades, since I just don't feel that I can justify it considering links. If you want a 3L immortal call setup, you can just have 2 open slots for utility without unset rings. I opted to use witchfire and get vaal discipline in my heretics and I dropped increased duration in my wither totem for flame dash. I then get an unset for vaal lightning trap for boss kills.

If you use whirling blades (whirl, faster attacks, fortify), you lose the immortal call. I guess I just like IC more than whirls.
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I'm a level 89 duelist and I started as a regular life based ED and then I spent like 80 regrets respecing into a RF life based ED build and I find the RF is too much of a headache and when i'm not using it obviously all the life nodes I have taken are much less worthwhile.

Now I'm thinking about switching over to a CI ED because I can't afford Shavs. My question is can CI be effective without Heretics or Shavs? Under gear you have both Shavs and Heretics listed as both CI/low life gear. If they aren't necessary what would make appropriate replacements?

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Guess youre right if you possess Shavronnes for LL but before that with CI you have open spots for blades+faster attacks (without fortify, just for the movement speed) and could still keep your 3 link IC combo thats what i meant :)
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It is true that on the CI and life version, you can more easily fit whirling blades. In the end, I don't like whirling very much on this build as our dagger has 1.2 APS.

This tree as CI ED works very well, but it does struggle when it comes to mana regen. The mana regen can be solved with a mana flask or the mana leech enchant on boots (yes really, it's extremely good). In essence league, I stayed CI for a day, and was more happy with the CI version than the life version despite of it's flaws. In the end, this is an extremely budget build, where you can run it as a scrappy life or a scrappy CI while you get the currency needed for your goal with the build. Running all 3 versions are perfectly viable, although I feel that the tree is very much set up for Low Life being the end goal.
Updated with a section of my 1 week life span in Essence HC. Hopefully it will give you guys some insight in how you can progress a character like this. Keep in mind that you will not be able to make money as fast as I did later in the league, so a 6L Shav's in only 3 days is not really achievable unless you are on top of the ladder.
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