[3.7] SC/HC - ED/Blight Trickster - Up to 10k eHP, Layered Defense, 3m DPS

can someone tell me why he is building minion damage on jewels?
D3xX wrote:
can someone tell me why he is building minion damage on jewels?

Because of the Spiritual Aid notable on the far left of the tree. It's why you should also take a max minion damage Bone Helmet if not using Eber's Unification.

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Can someone explain me one small thing becouse in gem links and on his charackter he have wither+spell totem but when i was watching his uberelder and 5 way conflict video i noticed he dont use it at all he dont even have them on skill bar
I am swapping between using a wither totem and vaal righteous fire. I use one Spreading Rot, which is enough to get to max stack of wither on a stationary target. For stuff I can just stand and nuke, VRF is better.

While doing mixed content, the wither totem is nice, as it is more flexible and doesn't rely on getting the kills for the vaal skill back.
Grats on 100/40! :3
If for every 70s of play time I'm spending about 3s trying to stare down Jun's, Vanja's, Cassia's, Irasha's and Navali's shirts otw from spawn to Niko; and about 45s staring at blood covered demons emerging from gigantic alien vaginae dentatae in delve cheese exp; is that safe for my mental health?
Cheers! Getting an ED char to 100 has been a long time coming.

Especially noteworthy is that I did all my UElder kills during the leveling, as well as a ton of UAtziri runs with complete disregard for safety. Never har an ED character this well rounded.
Updated the OP with a GIF and the gear I have right now. Someone made a guide saying a bow ED char was immortal. I guess this is immortal+ then!
Hello !

Will you update this guide for 3.8 ?
I'll post an update similar to previous league once I have gotten through the game. I haven't had time to play as much as I had hoped this weekend, so still at yellow maps.

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