Cumulative Atlas Completion Bonus

Now, that's an interesting way to do things.

But will this actually be of much use in later yellow maps and reds? I feel like a large enough percentage of the maps I get as drops in those areas are already so much lower that the being a tier or two higher is irrelevant?
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Seems somewhat reasonable. Or at least 100+% incresed map drop rate seemed unlikely to go live.

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Let say the bonus is 100%. The old atlas system would be 100% - 33% times 200%, equal to 134% of what we are getting today. The new atlas system is the same number of map drops as now but in this cast, have a 100% chance of going up a tier. In other words if the map drop is rolled a tier 6 then it will drop a tier 7 instead? The overall number of maps drop is the same as today? I think I would perfer the old atlas system. I can always buy low tier maps cheaply.
If the only problem you are trying to combat is possible map starvation of lower tiers, I propose an alternative. Keep "base" map drops as they are now but change the slope of bonus map drops.

For example, low tier maps grant 0.5%, mid tier 1%, high tier 1.5% cumulative bonus to map drop rate. This way you can balance the numbers to your endgame expectations without affecting the early maps of new players. At the same time, you enforce the identity of the different tiers, not only in a difficulty level (range of mods) but on a reward level (atlas progression).
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" For example, a 60% bonus means that there's a 60% chance that a map drop is a tier higher than it otherwise would be."

This seems to imply to me that once you pass 100%, T1 maps never drop again for you. Is this correct?
Having over 100% bonus means no more tier 1 maps.
That sounds like it can be an issue in some way (don't know how, but it might be).
master2080 wrote:
Having over 100% bonus means no more tier 1 maps.
That sounds like it can be an issue in some way (don't know how, but it might be).

I'd wager tier 1 maps still drop in regular merciless content (outside of maps)
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Its extremely worrying that you are messing with this 5 days before the Atlas launches.

Also not really sure this addresses the problems of the map drop system. When you run high tier map with risky mods and get no drops or only low tier map drops, it doesnt feel like your risk was rewarded. Uping t1-t4s to t2-t5s isnt going to change that at all. Why dont we put a cap on lower tier maps dropping the same way we do higher tier.
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What? Why remove the % to drop of maps, that was one of the biggest seller to completion of every map, it was a system of progress that made many of us sold in the new expansion, i feel, like the new system isn't that great. Why? Lets take for example, im doing a t14 map, it can drop any maps from the connected tree, maps from 1-14T already cleared, with the new system it has a chance to upgrade a map, but the majority of maps aren't that will drop tier 13-14-15, they can be 1-13.

Another example having completed 100 maps, with old mechanic(Increase):
You run a tier 14 map you get:
One tier 1 map
one tier 3 map
one tier 8 map
one tier 11 map
one tier 13 map

with more you get MORE chances to drop good maps.

with new mechanic after completing 100 maps, you run a tier 14 map you get(Upgrade):
One tier 8 map -> 100% to 9Tier Map
one tier 10 map -> 100% to 10Tier Map
one tier 12 map -> 100% to 13Tier Map

While with upgrade, it will drop lower ammount of maps, but upgrade them

While the mechanic wasn't even out, it is a direct Nerf to mapping that was to come, im probably thinking this change came from the recent uproar from gorge all day, but seriously what matters if they want to run the efficient map, that mechanic, was not only a sense of progression, but a joy to do, because i have something to achieve by making me do harder maps, and with increased chances of dropping more maps which is much better than just flat out upgrade maps. This is my opinion.

English isnt my first languange, i tried my best at describing what i feel about this change, generaly speaking i never get out off 90 in each league because i get bored of doing 8-12 maps, that map drop % was so good for me and other people :(
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Sounds much better tbh as basically never run out of low maps but occasionally struggle to get over certain humps while moving up.
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