[old build] Doomfletch's Prism Elementalist (Budget and strong) [Top30 PHC]

I hope I didn't miss this somewhere, but I'd just like to ask whether you use Split Arrow for bosses too? Wouldn't something like a Barrage setup be even better in that case?

Looking forward to trying the build, just made a new toon for it. :3
how did you died?
Which skill u use for single target? Even full-fire Burning Arrow builds with 186% base attack & Fire Penetration has problems with t10+ bosses/rogue exiles. This build - no crit, no penetration, HOW?
Hey, do you think prolif-Herald of Ash can be a decent replacement for elementalist bonuses? Wanted to play this weapon as a crit Ranger.

i don't understand the complaints about single target, i was killing anything up to t13 bosses in matter of seconds, first boss that gave me trouble was Wasteland Voll in monster life + ele equilibrium map and i kinda struggled with it

but in a meta where chaining mid tier maps is more economically sound and pretty much the only way average player plays the game due to unsustainability of red maps, complaining that it struggles vs t13+ bosses is kinda silly

like if you have ele overload up, you can kill most t10-12 bosses in 5 sec or less

With high flat phys on gear(due to the nature of how "added as x damage" modifiers scale) Doomfletchs prism is a 700+ dps bow with really good attack speed

Sadly Oos ripped to bearers yesterday but if people are concerned about single target i'll post some videos later as long as he approves as a proof that it's a non issue really
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beautiful build and i haven't gotten any ascendancy point yet... i am at 51 atm and i am already killing everything so fast, ofc i am using a tabula but i pretend to change to a 5L daresso whenever i can
Gonna Try it after sleeping.
I simply love bowmans, never played a witch tho.
This really motivates me to do it, god bless ascendency points (reflec)
Hope it can fulfill my hopes for this build.
Gonna write down my experiences on this build later on.

[edit] I hate Bearers as well. :D
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Well, this build is obviously getting a lot of attention. Doomfletch Prisms went from 4-5c to 20c+. Drillnecks from 5-7c to 20c+.

That's on poe.trade, ofc. I don't know if they're actually selling at that or no.

Also, what do you think of using a herald? I really like the gloom herald effects so trying to work one into this build somehow!
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i think i am in love with your build. Your build is so different from others bow builds and item cost is not even crazy. I love this. GJ

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