[2.3][SC][800kDPS]End-game Crit Flame Totem Build

Hi Everyone,

this is my Dual Flame Totem build for Templar (Templar because of Inevitable Judgement ascendancy skill). I use Blood Magic and MoM + EB. 6k+ life and 2k+ ES. This is not guide how to play, just my build. If You never play with Totems just try. I play Totems builds for years and it's not boring! For me PoE = Totems :) This is a Pretty tough glass cannon build, I don't recommend to play on Hardcore.
My second Flame Totem build for HC: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1702947

Must have unique item is Infernal Mantle:

+1 to Level of Socketed Fire Gems (great for Flame Totem)
+35% Increased Fire Damage
100% Increased Global Critical Strike (perfect for this build)
15% of Fire Damage Converted to Chaos Damage
100% increased Spell Damage taken when on Low Mana (who cares? Not working. We don't have mana :))
High Energy Shield

Corrupted 6L Infernal Mantle with +1 to Level of Socketed Gems is absolutely best item for this build. With Infernal Mantle +1 and Empower lvl4 you have lvl27 Flame Totem: 21(gem) +2(from Infernal Mantle) +4(lvl5 Empower).

Idea for this build is maximum simplicity. You need to use only two skills: Whirling Blades for dodge enemy attacks and placing Flame Totems to killing monsters. You need to drink life potions like a beer on sunny day on vacation :) and from time to time summon a golem.

Unbuffed damage: 250k DPS per Totem + 89% chance to ignore enemy elemental resistance (82% crit chance + 7% crit chance from Righteus Providence Ascendency skill).

For hard bosses (Pierce instead of Faster Projectiles): 301k DPS per Totem = 602k unbuffed DPS!
With Pierce Support + Vaal Haste + Atziri's Promise my DPS up to 400k+ per Totem.

Offence and defence stats(unbuffed):

My gear:

Passive Skill Tree (99lvl):

Alternative Passive Skill Tree (99lvl):

Leveling Passive Skill Tree (84lvl):

Gem setup:

Flame Totem:






Normal - Help Oak (40HP)
Cruel - Help Alira (+5% cast speed)
Merc - Kill all (passive skill point)


Sorry for bad quality and cutting video. I play on old laptop.

Normal Atziri(play on low quality mobile Internet):

Endgame lab:

T15 Abyss Map:

T15 Colosseum Map:

Deathless Uber Atziri:
I know, it's not my best Uber run :)

Ascendancy skills:

Inevitable Judgement: this skill give us true power :)
Righteus of Providence: 100% extra global critical chance (because of Elemental Focus Support, no status ailments).
Instruments of Virtue: great skill when you using Whirling Blades (30% more Cast Speed)
Augury of Penitence: nice aura 8% less elemental damage taken, and 16% increased your elemental damge.


Best (must have): 120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently
Perma 120% Global Critical Chance. Only your Totems crit, you not. Crit chance is priority for this build.
Not bad is: Adds 1-160 Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently
You never kill, your Totem do. This enchant can be temporary until you get 120% crit chance.

First: 30% increased Flame Totem Projectile Speed
Increased range of yours Totems. In my opinion best enchant for this build.

Second(a): 150% increased Effect of the Buff granted by your Lightning Golems
Very good enchant, give 25%(10% + 15%) attack and cast speed if you using a Lightning Golem. Boost speed of Whirling Blades 15% attack speed and DPS 15% cast speed (10% attack and cast speed base have lvl21 Golem.
Second(b): 2 additional Flame Totem Projectiles
Increased AoE, good for killing big pack of monsters.

Third: 40% increased Flame Totem Damage
A little boost to damage, not bad but enchants above are better.

How to get 6L Infernal Mantle +1:

Just buy on poe.trade (70-80ex) :) or:

1. Craft or buy Infernal Mantle with +1 to all gems Implict (better buy, about 1 exa in poe.trade). Pay attention to the quality (best is 20% quality and good stats).
2. Level up your Vorici to 8lvl.
3. Craft 6S (350 Jeweller's Orbs + 350 Vaal Orbs)
4. Craft 6L (1500 Orbs of Fusing + 1500 Vaal Orbs)
5. Craft necessary colours on sockets (2+1 colours = 100 Chromatic Orbs + 100 Vaal Orbs)
6. You have your own 6L Infernal Mantle +1 :)

The Infernal Mantle +1 cost you (with ratio 45vaal:1ex):
1ex(Infernal Mantle +1 with no 6L) + 7ex(350vaal) + 0.5ex(350jew) + 33ex(1500vaal) + 15ex(1500fus) + 2.5ex(100vaal+100chrom) = 59ex.

Imporant things:

I recommend use dagger because of Whirling Blades, nice Global Critical Chance and Instruments of Virtue Ascendency skill boost your dmg when you use WB;

MoM + EB is must have (better survability);

You can use a Essence Worm ring(with Anger or Haste gem) instead of diamond ring but in endgame a good rare diamond ring is better;

You need minimum 2% life regeneration to spam totems without losing HP;

Corrupted Infernal Mantle 6L with +1 to all gems is nice but not must have (regular 6L have about 20k dmg less);

Empower Support bost your damage and Totem life;

You can use Pierce Support instead of Faster Projectiles on hard bosses (Uber, Core Malachai). With Pierce (lvl20) my dmg = 301k per totem but less range;

Vaal Lightning Trap is very useful for some hard bosses (especially Uber Atziri).

This is endgame SC build. Now I play on standard but i don't use any legacy items.
You can kill Uber Atziri with no deaths.
With this build You can do deathless T15 Core map but is hard to survive on Malachai fight without go to Town (no life leech, only flasks).
Endgame lab is very easy for this build 100+ runs and no deaths (with my old laptop :)).
Can do easy normal Atziri with less than 3mins.
All map mods is fine (but Elemental Reflect and Temporal Chains is annoying).

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neat! whats ur crit chance?
what ur dps with swapping fast proj on slow proj on boss run?
Former old diablo 2 median player.
Pierce support is better than Slower Projectiles. I have 301k unbuffed dmg with lvl20 Pierce.
Crit chance: 89% (82% + 7%), Crit multi: 658%
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I'm trying the build right now! Seems really awesome so far.
■ My Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/ragebeardtv

■ My Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHVXHAjn8v06lW_bGf_yxVw
up for best totem build.
we need a video of uber azitri kill!
pls just add the dmg in the topic name
everyone will just love it:)
Write smth like 300k dmg uber azitri melter and u will win all the views:)
for me its the most boring build on the planet but u just melt everything.
is there a budget version?:>
Heey, amazing build so far, playing at lvl 70 and just melting everything. I was just wondering if you could provide a lower level passive tree?
It's abit hard trying to follow a lvl 99 passive tree, and knowing which nodes are more important to go for.
Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!
What would you use until you got level 3/4 empower?
Sample Passive Tree for lvl 81:


Sample Passive Tree for lvl 84:

First go for Ancestral Bond, second Blood Magic, take Sanctity (you need 1% life regen) and go for damage and increased critical strike/multipler nodes on right side of tree. Take Mind Over Matter and Eldritch Battery. You need life nodes too if you dying fast.

If you dont have Empower, you can use (in order): Pierce or Iron Will, Faster Casting, Increased Critical Damage, Added Chaos/Lightning/Cold Damage and Culling Strike is quite nice. What gem is better depends on your gear and stats. Sorry for bad english.

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