[3.9] CWDT build using Incinerate as main skill (with videos)

3.9 update:

The 3.7 and 3.8 versions of this build will both work in 3.9.

I've been playing this build in Standard league for a while and decided to make some changes. I've changed the build into a 'Cast When Damage Taken' (CWDT) build. The reason being: the more you hit enemies, the more Energy Shield you gain from monsters and thus the higher the survivability. I thus changed the amulet to:

With this amulet each time an enemy is ignited you get hit for some damage, which will trigger CWDT again.

I've made two versions of this build:
- Icefang Orbit (best clear speed), video: Uul-Netol breach run
- Hungry Loop (best survivability), video: Mine run at depth 460

Here are the POB links:
With Icefang Orbit: https://pastebin.com/bQ8JJHaS
With Hungry Loop: https://pastebin.com/N4QkMyjZ

Note: I may have used some legacy items. These will not be necessary at all though. Also do not play any elemental reflect maps with this build!


3.8 update:

For 3.8 an update is not necessary, as the 3.7 build will work just fine. However I had some troubles with it, when delving beyond depth 500.

Therefore I decided to go back to the original 3.4 setup. The main defense here was not the staff Xirgil's Crank, but a shield in combination with the skill 'Tempest Shield'.

I've improved upon the 3.4 build, using the following craft:

A helmet like this can be made by using a high item level base (an Elder Hubris Circlet) and then spamming it with a few hundred chaos orbs. I've made several of these helmets, it's not that hard.
This helmet makes a pseudo 6 link possible:
- incinerate
- cast while channeling support
- firestorm
- controlled destruction support
- immolate support (from helmet)
- concentrated effect (from helmet)

Now the body armor can be used solely for defensive measures: generating hits to fully exploit the energy shield on hit gained from Fenumus' Spinnerets and the Watcher's Eye. I use the following gems:
- Cast when damage taken support
- Chain support (all the skills below chain, so a lot of extra hits!)
- Arc
- Spark
- Orb of Storms
- Tempest Shield (this triggers when you block as well!)

With this setup it is possible to go away from the keyboard even for example against the T16 Minotaur boss (hits slow and hard, difficult to survive when AFK). Delving beyond level 500 is no longer a problem. Essential of course is that you have max. block for both attacks and spells.

The DPS is a a lot better than the 3.7 setup (over 1 million dps against shaper from incinerate + firestorm) and the energy shield pool is about the same (10k ES). Apart from gaining 50 ES per hit I also leech energy shield (1.8% of spell damage).

Highlights of the build:
- This build is very easy to play (you'll survive without having to do anything)
- you can do damage as well (> 1 million dps against shaper)
- the clear speed is alright.

Warning: you cannot run maps with elemental reflect with this build!

Here is my level 94 build in Standard (a Templar, not an Occultist as in 3.4)

For a detailed description of the 3.4/3.5 build that this is based on, see below.

Note: for the Pantheon I used Soul of Yugul and Soul of Solaris. For the bandit choice I chose 2 skill points.


3.7 update (using Xirgil's Crank):

With the 3.7 update the Witch/Occultist ascendancy lost quite a bit of energy shield. The keystone 'Wicked Ward' that is essential for this build moved from the Occultist Ascendancy to the skilltree. This opens up the possibility to do this build with a Templar/Guardian instead.

I've changed the 3.6 'Xirgil's Crank' build to fit in the 3.7 changes using a
Templar/Guardian, see POB link: https://pastebin.com/nZXdbzk0

What became better:
- Higher Energy shield pool: 10k ES
- Slightly better defense thanks the the new 'infused channeling support'

What became worse:
- Vile Bastion is unavailable in the Templar/Guardian setup
- ES leech has been reduced by the new version of Wicked Ward, so I removed it from the build
- 1 curse instead of 2 curses.
- 20% reduced extra damage from critical strikes instead of 50%

What didn't change:
- cannot be frozen
- cannot be stunned
- immune to chaos damage
- 20% chance for uninterrupted ES recharge at 4700 ES/second each time you block something thanks to the staff 'Xirgil's Crank' and the keystone 'Wicked Ward'.
- gain 50 ES each time you hit something with the combo incinerate & firestorm
- the amount of DPS against Shaper is equivalent
- (spell)block chance is the same


3.6 update (using Xirgil's Crank):

A few changes can be made in the skilltree, resulting in:
- POB link: https://pastebin.com/EMzb0mQD. I may have used some legacy items here as I have tested this build on Standard.

Apart from somewhat increased defenses and/or offenses the build remains almost the same, so the previous description is still valid.

A far better setup is the following:https://pastebin.com/dhR35uAU

Highlights of this setup:
- Ideal for Delving, very tanky
- Xirgil's Crank for uninterrupted ES recharge at circa 4000 ES/second on block
- Using the keystone Chaos Inocculation (CI), so immune to chaos damage
- ES leech at circa 1k ES/second
- Circa 8500 ES pool
- Using Fenumus's Spinnerets + Watcher's Eye to get 50 ES gain on hit for each hit, just as in 3.4/3.5 build (see previous descriptions)
- Cannot be Frozen, thanks to 'The Brine Crown'
- 50% reduced extra damage from critical strikes
- Max. DPS against Shaper: 300 kdps from Incinerate + 420 kdps from firestorm (assuming 25% of fireballs hit the boss).
- 2 curses
- 4 aura's (two Heralds, Discipline, Aspect of the Spider)
- 75% block chance / 60% spell block chance (without using Rumi's flask)

Short explanation why this setup is better:

If you use a shield, it allows you to use the skill 'Tempest Shield'. This skill is triggered when you block, and hits the enemies several times, thus you gain circa 50 ES for each hit automatically, by just blocking.

A similar strategy is by using the staff 'Xirgil's Crank'. This staff has a 20% chance to start ES recharge on blocking. Recharging is done at circa 4000 ES/second and (because we are using the Occultist ascendancy) does not stop before reaching maximum ES.

So with the first strategy you gain a little ES each time you block and with the second strategy you gain a lot of ES, but the chance that this happens is only 20%.

However because you get hit very often in general, but certainly when delving, the second strategy is far better. Besides you still hit often with incinerate/firestorm, thus you do still gain 50 ES per hit there, just as in the first setup. You also still gain 50 ES per hit for all the skills triggered by cast when damage taken. And on top of that we now leech circa 1000 ES/second in either setup. Oh, and not to forget, you also regenerate a lot of ES thanks to 'Vile Bastion'.


3.5 update:

The idea behind this build is to hit with spells as often as possible, while gaining 50 ES per hit: you gain the ES instantly, so if you hit often enough you can survive even when going away from keyboard (AFK).

I've checked this build in Standard, no changes are required at all: you can use the 3.4 setup (see below).

Tip: The one thing that you need to craft yourself for this build is the shield. The only thing that is really required is x% chance to block spell damage. My favorite base is the 'Champion kite' shield, as it gives you most ES. To craft: just spam some dense fossils on a Shaped shield. Here are some examples:

Using 'Cerberus Limb' the Champion Kite shield in this example gives you: 267 + 1138/5 = 495 ES!


3.4 update v2:

I decided to include 'Aspect of the spider' in the build in the Delve League, as it gives you 20 ES gained per hit + some great defenses. Together with a Watcher's Eye jewel with the mod: '30 Energy Shield gained for each enemy hit while affected by Discipline', each hit will give you 50 ES instantly! When Incinerate and Firestorm is used with 'cast while channeling' you hit very often, so the ES gained is enough for tanking bosses, as long as you have good defenses.

Here is the gear with this new setup:


Note that you can exchange 'Herald of ash' for 'Herald of thunder' for even higher survivability (explained later)!

Build highlights:

- Max dps. against shaper: 275 kdps from incinerate + circa 500 kdps from channeling firestorm (assuming 25% of fireballs hit the boss), total: 775 kdps
- block chance: 61%, spell block chance: 65% (this is without using Rumi's flask)
- 50 ES gained per hit + 5% ES recover on block
- 5608 ES and 3190 life; with Fenumus' Shroud this is (5608+3190)/0.9 = 9776 EHP
- POB link: https://pastebin.com/43ivdB3d
- Surviving even when going away from keyboard (AFK) during a fight (see video section)

A video that show the defensive abilities of this build::

- Away from keyboard (AFK) and surviving in a Delve depth 341 encounter:
Surviving this is thanks to gaining 50 ES per hit from triggering spells with CWDT or by blocking

Note that I used 'Herald of ash' in these videos. If you use 'Herald of thunder' you would gain even more ES (explained later).

I've done all content with ease thus far, including Shaper. I Have not yet finished the 'Uber Elder' fight, as I first need to learn the mechanics.

What happens when you get hit & you block & CWDT is triggered:

- from the shield you recover 5% ES when you block
- from Tempest Shield + Chain you get 3 chains, so 200 ES gained per block
- from Arc + Chain you get 7 chains, so 400 ES gained per CWDT
- from Orb of Storms you get 150 ES gained per second for over 10 seconds.
- from firestorm on CWDT you get 50 ES gained for each hit with a fireball during 3.8 seconds.
- if you exchange 'herald of ash' with 'herald of thunder' you'll trigger this gem by critting with arc/tempest shield/orb of storms. This will give you even more 'gain ES on hit'!. Herald of ash however gives you probably more clear speed; you'll have to choose...

What the other defenses are:

-Weapon: Cerberus Limb. This weapon does good damage + it allows to use a strength based shield (+1 max. ES per 5 armour on equiped shield)
-Shield: needed here is spell block, block, recover ES on block + incr. max. Energy shield.
-Belt: Life/ES + you take reduced extra damage from critical strikes
-Shoes: Fenumus' Spinnerets, this give you 20 ES gained for each enemy hit, for the enchantment you need '0.x% damaged leeched as life/mana'
-Gloves: Fenumus' Weave, this gives you 'Aspect of spider skill'
-Armour: Fenumus' Shroud, this gives you 10% reduced damage taken; in this build this makes it equivalent to a 675 ES armour + it gives -10% elemental resistances to enemies!
-Amulet: Stone of Lazhwar, this gives you spell block
-Ring 1: An Elder version of 'Mark of submission', this allows you to use level 20 Enfeeble
-Ring 2: Mark of the Shaper, not needed for defenses, but for offenses
-Helmet: Life/Es
-Pantheon powers: Soul of Solaris (only one crit per 4 seconds) + Soul of Yugul
-Bandit choice: Alira for mana regeneration + elemental resistances

Besides passively gaining ES (as explained above), in a fight you of course also gain ES actively by hitting a lot with incinerate + firestorm, so you gain 500-1500 ES per second from that when you are fighting just 1 enemy, otherwise it is much more. As an Occultist you further regenerate a lot of ES during a fight with 'Vile Bastion'. Note that 'gaining ES' is instant, while 'recover ES' is not!

Note: for Elemental reflect maps, you'll need to exchange one of the rings for a 'Sybil's lament' ring, then this mod will be fine.

Previous versions of this build (2.4 - 3.4):

3.4 update:

I optimized the build a bit + I changed some things, because it is no longer possible to reach 75% spell block as a witch:

- Max dps. against shaper: 280 kdps from incinerate + circa 430 kdps from channeling firestorm (assuming 25% of fireballs hit the boss), total: 710 kdps
- block chance: 71%, spell block chance: 57% (12% from staff nodes, 15% from amulet and 24% from Reckless Defense jewels) + 6% from blue nightmare.
- circa 2000 ES leech/gain using Ghost Reaver node/Watcher's Eye jewel + circa 2000 ES recharge using Xirgil's Crank. In version 3.3 I didn't have any leech, only circa 4000 ES recharge using Xirgil's Crank. I changed half of it to leeching ES, because spell block was reduced and thus the chance to proc the recharge is now less certain.

POB link without legacy gear: https://pastebin.com/XYU0mCfi

3.3 update:

Incinerate has been reworked in POE 3.3, so I've made some small changes to the build.
Getting high projectile speed and building to get enough mana sustain, is no longer needed, as the new incinerate is no longer a projectile and the mana cost has been lowered.
The DPS of this build has increased drastically; not only for incinerate, but also for firestorm that is cast using 'cast while channeling'.

Here is a video of a T16 Hydra map in POE 3.3: https://youtu.be/SMOlDmolYmY
Here is a POB link of the build in the video: https://pastebin.com/mVTHrZhx

Note that I added 'Curse on hit' to the 'Weapon 1' skill set in POB, because the 'curse on hit' from Asenath's gloves is not recognized by POB.

The max. DPS from incinerate in this setup is around 234k against Shaper. If we assume 25% of firestorm's fireballs (from using cast while channeling) hit Shaper, this would be around: 0.25 * 17922 * 2.86 * 2.9 * 10 = 372k. So in total we have around 600k max. DPS against Shaper with this build. This, combined with the strong defenses from Xirgil's Crank, should make this build Shaper viable.

The build shown is an end game build; I will not be making a leveling guide for it. If you need help setting up your character with Xirgil's Crank, please take a look at: Xirgil's Crank build
Leveling with the new incinerate should be no problem at all.

3.2 update:

I've updated the build for 3.2:
- I added Herald of Ash to the build for the 12% more spell fire damage
- I decided to use another Watcher's eye jewel then I used in POE 3.1:

The energy shield gained for for each enemy hit works very well with incinerate/firestorm, because both skills hit often. Now I need to have 2 Elreon rings/amulets however to reduce the mana cost of incinerate (I only had one in 3.1).
- I changed my chest to a shaped chest with a 'Spells have +x% to critical strike chance' mod. The critical strike chance of Incinerate is 0%. By raising it to x% (any amount will do), it will default to the minimum of 5%. It cannot go any lower, Controlled Destruction will not take it below 5%. This helps keeping Elemental Overload active and it raises DPS a little. For example these chests are both good (no need to 6-link it):

- POB link: https://pastebin.com/nNBi8euh
- New video of POE 3.2 in T16 Minotaur map: https://youtu.be/l27pxdDCI-8

3.1 update:

In 3.1 a new unique jewel was introduced: Watcher's Eye. One of the mods that can appear for this jewel is '-10 to total mana cost of skills while affected by Clarity'. This jewel makes it possible to use Incinerate in a 6-link with just one Elreon Ring!

The mana problem for Incinerate can thus now be solved. The second problem is life leech: I cannot solve this problem (there is not enough + Vaal Pact was moved away form the witch area and no longer works for leeching ES), however we can use Xirgil's Crank (ES recharge on block) with 75/75 block and with the Occultist Ascendancy, that gives us: ES recharge is not interrupted by damage. This allows for a very tanky build, for a detailed description please see: Xirgil's Crank build

I've adapted this build a little bit for Incinerate.
- Here is a POB link of the build I created in Standard: https://pastebin.com/kqqNuJak
- The tooltip damage is 39 kdps. Total damage is according to POB over 400 kdps.
- In the above example I have over 3000 life and over 8000 ES, however I do use some legacy items.
- The build is able to facetank most content (for example the T16 Hydra boss). The damage of Incinerate seems however less than with Firestorm (the boss fights at tier 16 take a bit longer than with Firestorm)

So to increase the damage the following CWC setup can be used:
- Incinerate, CWC, firestorm, empower, elemental focus, controlled destruction

Here is a POB link for this setup: https://pastebin.com/HfarcKEt
The clear speed for this setup is nice!
Here is a video of a T16 Hydra map: https://youtu.be/Q3t_eFBZ-iA

If you have any advice how to make it better, please let me know!


3.0 update:

I've tried to change the build to work with 3.0 (no longer possible to use Ghost Reaver + Vaal Pact to replenish ES).

I changed the build to a hybrid build (4500 life and 5500 ES). However even when focusing heavy on defences (using Lightning Coil + Grace + Blind) it still feels very weak. As this build was designed for dual wielding 2 Consuming Dark Daggers, we do not have a lot of (spell)block. Thanks to Vaal Pact this used to be allright, but without it, it no longer works. When facing a boss, the ES pool is quickly gone; after that the Life pool is too small to absorb any big hits + you get hit too often by spells due to a lack of spell block. A hit and run strategy might work, but I don't like that play style at all.

I've therefore decided to discontinue this build for now. I'll be playing a hybrid Firestorm build using Xirgil's Crank in 3.0; this does allow me to facetank most bosses, see:


2.6 update:

I've decided to go low life with the new Breach items that are now available on standard. I've considered using two Shade of Solaris wands (see 2.5 update below), but decided to keep using two Consuming Dark daggers, because I don't like using Lightning Warp (you can't use Whirling Blades with wands). If you are looking for cheaper options than low life, please scroll down to the 2.4 builds; these are still valid as the witch area on the skilltree has barely changed.

The low life build can do max. damage of:
100kdps (elem. overload active) * 2.5 (stages incinerate) * 1.2 (poison) * 1.5 (shock from vinktar flask) = 450kdps

For defense I have:
- 9506 ES + 76 unreserved life
- 9279 evasion
- stun immunity
- cannot be frozen
- fortify
- arctic armour
- 4 endurance charges
Note that 'Cannot be frozen' is obtained from rare ES boots with this mod from the warbands league. Boots with this mod can be obtained quite easily, however ES boots like mine will be expensive.

Two curses are used:
- Blasphemy + Warlord's mark (for life/mana leech + endurance charges)
- Blasphemy + Assassin's mark (to trigger elemental overload)

I decided not to spend extra skillpoints to get a third curse, because I think the effectiveness of curses against bosses isn't very good.

Mana is reserved for:
- Grace
- Discipline
- Blasphemy + Warlord's Mark + Assassin's Mark

Life is reserved for:
- Anger
- Arctic Armour

Mana to feed incinerate: Getting enough mana for incinerate requires to take all the reduced mana nodes in the Templar area. If you add '5% reduced mana' on 5 of the 7 jewel sockets + use 1 Elreon ring with -8 to mana cost of skills, incinerate is down to 4 mana per use. With around 40 mana regeneration per second it is possible to sustain incinerate casting it around 10 times a second. Sustaining mana is essential, because you will need life leech not to be interrupted during a boss fight! Though mana is leeched as well with Warlord's Mark, I prefer not to be dependent on leeching (leeching sometimes can't be done).

I'm still using the Occultist Ascendancy (Malediction, Profane Bloom, Void Beacon, Wicked Ward)

In this build I'm using 7 jewel sockets: one with 'Energy from within', one with 'The red nightmare' and the rest is for reduced mana/damage/cast speed/resistances.

For the details of the build, see the skilltree + items below:

skilltree: Incinerate 2.6 build




2.5 update:

I've tested some of the items introduced in 2.5, see:

todo: I'll try to add a description of the new builds to this thread, once I've tested them a bit better...


Original build (2.4) - is mostly still valid, because the witch area hasn't changed yet:


Incinerate was once against hit by the changes introduced in version 2.4. I've adapted my Incinerate build for version 2.4 of the game. It's a hybrid build now with 3 curses linked to blasphemy + 1 curse applied from gloves. It uses the Occultist Ascendancy class. The amazing thing is, that it actually works!

I've chosen to use a hybrid build (around 4000 life and 4000 ES) as I think it's the most efficient option. Below I've described three build variations:

- Build 1: this build uses: 1 consuming dark, a Rathpith Globe and Shavronne's Wrappings. It's focus is on both offense and defense.

- Build 2: If you want to take the first build one step further then read the post below this one; with 5 corrupted items and the jewel 'Hungry Abyss' you can use the life leech of Vessel of Vinktar with an Incinerate build as well! This build uses: 2 consuming dark daggers, Vessel of Vinktar, a Shavronne's Wrappings and one Snakepit ring. It's focus is on offense. Indication of the maximum damage with the second build: 75kdps * 1.5 (shock) * 1.2 (poison) * 1.56 (proj. weakness) * 2.5 (stages incinerate) = 526 kdps

- Build 3: I've added a third build as I was having trouble with bosses that deal a lot of physical damage. This build uses: 2 consuming dark daggers, a Lightning Coil, The Vertex, one Snakepit ring and evasion in combination with Blind. It's focus is on defense. This one is my favorite. With this build you can do all tier 16 maps.

--------------------------------- BUILD DESCRIPTION 1 -----------------------------------------

Let's start with the thing most want to know first.

What is the dps:

My Tooltip damage is nearly 30 kdps when using LMP. When Elemental overload and Rallying cry is active the tooltip damage is around 50 kdps. This is not including damage from Malediction (around 5 kdps), poison (x1.2 as a result of double dipping), incinerate stages (x2.5), projectile weakness (x1.56), helmet enchantment (24% increased incinerate damage for each stage), elemental weakness. If you take all these things into consideration, the dps will be at least 200 kdps; in any case, it's more than enough.

In the build described below you can:
- Exchange one of the Elreon rings for a unique Snakepit ring
- For this to work you'll also need to change the Stone of Lazhwar for an Elreon Amulet, otherwise you'll get in trouble with mana.
- When you use a Snakepit ring you can exchange the LMP for an Empower gem
- The tooltip DPS is then 75 kdps (Elemental Overload + Rallying Cry active), with 2 fire beams. Two beams is enough, since most of the mobs will explode from 'Profane Bloom' anyway. The extra DPS is very nice against bosses though.

Here is how it works:

The curses linked to blasphemy are:
- Warlord's Mark: Mana/life leach + 3 endurance charges to mitigate big hits.
- Projectile Weakness: This works like a 'more' multiplier. Increases DPS a lot + it is defensive as well because it gives knock back chance.
- Enfeeble: This is used to mitigate big hits.

the fourth curse (elemental weakness) is applied with these gloves:

- Discipline together with empower is used to get the proper amount of ES

- To be able to use 3 curses that are all linked to Blasphemy the unique helmet Heretic's Veil and a level 4 Enlighten is used. Two extra curses are obtained from the tree (one from Occulist Ascendancy) and one extra curse is obtained from a corrupted amulet.

- As a weapon a Consuming Dark dagger is used. The main reason to use this weapon is so that we can use 'Profane Bloom' + 'Malediction' from the Ascendancy class. Another advantage is that it gives a little bit of protection against reflect. For maps with elemental reflect, the shield can be switched for a second consuming dark. The increase in DPS of 'Malediction' is with four curses even a little better than that of the flask 'Atziri's Promise' (gain 15% of elemental damage as chaos damage). For fast movement and to trigger Fortify: Whirling Blades + Fortify + Faster Attacks is used in the dagger:

- As a shield I advice a Rathpith Globe. It's perfect for a hybrid build (ES + Life):

or for maps with high elemental damage:

- The build has a Projectile speed modifier of 100% (30% from tree, 30% from gloves, 40% from incinerate gem). The high projectile speed is for clear speed + it's safer to kill things from a distance.

- Big hits get reduced by Arctic Armour + Enfeeble + Fortify + 3 endurance charges (from Warlord's Mark). If that doesn't stop it, 4000 life + 4000 ES should do the trick.

- In 2.4, if your incinerate is able to crit (for example by using Assassin's Mark), it determines the crit roll when you first press the button, so it will either:
a) not crit at all
b) crit with every single projectile until you stop casting (or stop channeling).
For that reason we cannot use Assassin's mark anymore to proc Elemental Overload (40% more damage!). We now proc Elemental Overload by using: CWDT + Ice Spear + Increased Critical Strikes Support + Firestorm:

- To avoid stun the build has 70% 'chance to avoid interruptions from stuns while casting' from the tree + 'Heart of Oak' from the tree, this gives you stun avoidance. Apart from that it has around 4000 life, this also helps against stuns. If needed we could use an enchantment on the boots as well (chance to avoid being stunned if you've killed recently).

- Mana: 2 Elreon rings are used + a lot of 'reduced mana cost of skills' from the tree + from jewels. This brings the cost of Incinerate down to 4 mana. The rest of the mana needs are leeched from monsters by using Warlord's Mark.

- Chaos resistance: In version 2.4 there is a lot more chaos damage than in 2.3. I've therefore tried to get a decent amount of chaos resistance: it's on the boots (30%), the belt (30%), on one of the Elreon rings (38%) and another 28% is from the tree.

- Freeze is most of the time not a problem (except with strongboxes that freeze). The protection against freeze only comes form the 4000 life pool + the 75% cold resistance, so be careful.

- For the jewels you'll want: increased maximum life, resistances, reduced mana cost of skills, fire/projectile/chaos damage, cast speed

- Flasks: I use life flasks + Atziri's Promise (more leech and more damage)

- As a chest I think Shavronne's Wrappings are necessary (sometimes there are peaks of chaos damage, that otherwise would kill you). The gems used are: Incinerate + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus + LMP + Faster Casting + Empower

- Vaal pact + Ghost Reaver from the tree: This is essential to stay alive!

- Other defenses: CWDT + Frost Wall + Summon Chaos Golem

- Other offenses: Rallying Cry


The tree:





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--------------------------------- BUILD DESCRIPTION 2 -----------------------------------------

The build below is only for those who want to corrupt some good (legacy) items!


By using the jewel 'Hungry Abyss':

we can make use of two Vinktar Flasks (lighting damage leech is converted to chaos damage leech):

Of course we do not want to get shocked, so also use something like:

directly after using the Vinktar flask

The Vinktar Flask shocks the enemy, so that's better than the increase in damage form Atziri's Promise used in the first build and of course the extra leech is much better.

So there are two things we need to change from the first build:
- Corrupt 5 items
- Use two (legacy) Consuming Dark daggers instead of one. With two legacy consuming dark daggers + using void manipulation, you'll convert 94% of your fire damage to chaos damage. With this setup leeching from chaos damage with Hungry Abyss is done for 94% of your damage.

Another advantage of using 2 consuming dark daggers is that reflect is no longer a problem + we do more poison damage now. A disadvantage is that we no longer profit from Malediction.


Here is the gear I'm using (5 corrupted items):

For bosses that do a lot of elemental damage I switch to:

With this build I have 3700 life and 4600 ES (when using 2 daggers), so that's not much different than the first build. Also the tooltip damage is nearly identical to that of the first build. This build uses the same four curses as the first build.

The fourth curse (Elemental weakness) is not really needed. If you exchange the Stone of Lazhwar for an Elreon Amulet, then you can change one of the Elreon rings for:

In the gems setup we can now change LMP for a level 4 Empower. This increases the dps a lot (75kdps tooltip damage with Elemental Overload + Rallying Cry active). Though 2 fire beams at first do not seem that much, you'll notice that 'Profane Bloom' does most of the work (exploding mobs), so it's not that much of a problem. The extra dps is very nice against bosses though.

Indication of the maximum damage with this build:

75kdps * 1.5 (shock) * 1.2 (poison) * 1.56 (proj. weakness) * 2.5 (stages incinerate) = 526 kdps


Here is the tree:


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--------------------------------- BUILD DESCRIPTION 3 -----------------------------------------

This build is focused on defense. As a result the tooltip damage is lower, around 55 kdps (Elemental Overload + Rallying Cry active).

Here is the gear I'm using:

- It still uses the same 4 curses as the first build, however 2 of them are now applied by using CWDT. Only Warlord's Mark is still applied by using Blasphemy, because we need life leech and mana leech.

The defenses used are:
- Evasion: this comes from The Vertex mask, Lightning Coil and Grace (I have 7725 evasion).
- Energy Shield: this comes from the boots, the Vertex Mask and Discipline (I have 3079 ES). In this build I do not use Ghost Reaver, instead I rely on Wicked Ward form the Occultist Ascendancy class.
- Life: this build has a bit more life than the previous two builds (I have 4516 life)
- Lightning Coil: To make this possible we need high resistances on the boots, the belt and the Elreon Ring.
- Blind: the gem setup in the Lightning Coil is Incinerate + Faster casting + blind + elemental focus + controlled destruction + empower. Blind works very well with incinerate as it hits 10 times a second.
- Fortify: this is generated by moving around with Whirling blades
- Enfeeble: this is applied by using curse on hit
- Frost Wall: this is applied by using CWDT
- Saffell's Frame: to cope with high elemental damage I switch to using 1 consuming dark + Saffell's Frame. This gives me 39% chance to block spells + higher max. resistance. When there is no threat from elemental damage I switch to using 2 consuming dark daggers.
- Arctic Armour
- 4 endurance charges (from Warlord's Mark). One extra endurance charge is from aiding Oak in the quest Deal with the Bandits.
- To avoid stun the build has 70% 'chance to avoid interruptions from stuns while casting' from the tree + 'Heart of Oak' from the tree

It's a bit harder to get high enough resistances, due to the -60 to lightning resistance from the Lightning coil. By adding resistances to jewels I can just get enough to safely do maps that have the mod 'Elemental Weakness'.

To be able to use a Snakepit Ring (instead of an Elreon ring) most of the nodes in the three with 'Reduced mana cost of skill' are used. You will also need this on jewels.

Here is the tree:


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to see..
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Why not use something like orb of storms to proc overload?

This works best in boss fights where the space is relatively confined (eg. An arena) where orb has something nearby that lasts long enough for it to get a crit. Link it to faster casting and increased crit. Pop the orb down right before holding down incinerate and you get your overload.
I run a very similar Chaos Incin build. With only a 5L Shav (incin->controlled dest->elemental focus->LMP->Life Leech) and Anger, Tooltip DPS in HO is 29.5K. I run only 1 curse (blasph->proj weak) and use spell totem->wither for bosses. Orb of storm or Firestorm to proc overload.

Thanks for the help.

Apart form not being able to proc elemental overload the old way, I also noticed that the new tier 16 maps required more leech / life / ES / chaos resistance than I had in the old build.

My new build is a hybrid build (4000 life and 4000-5000 ES) and I proc elemental overload now by using: CWDT + increased critical strikes support + ice spear + firestorm

I now have near maximum chaos resistance and 4% life leech.

I'll write down the new build as soon as I've tested it properly.

I did a little test.

The Abyss boss was a joke, the Colosseum boss I could face tank easily (just stand still and keep firing)
I think the build is fine again.

Here is the new tree:

It now requires either Shavronne's Wrappings as chest or some high ES Vaal Regalia.

I'll write it down properly later (done by now, see above).
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Is there a reason you don't want to go low life?
Reason I didn't try low life is, because you need a good solution against stuns (corrupted Eye of chayula with 'Enemies can have additional curse' or skyforth boots), but I can't afford those.

I'll try it once I can acquire one of those items.


Update: I've made a low life build by now, see: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1838482

I'll try to add the build to this thread later...
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